Where to Buy Rave Clothes Online

where to buy rave clothes iHeartRave

The rave party experience is just not complete when you don’t dress the part. Rave clothes are becoming essential when going to EDM parties. Looking for places where to buy rave clothes is actually pretty easy. There are a lot of stores that sell a variety of rave clothes. A lot of them have online stores which makes it easier to order. Some of them offer free shipping if your order reaches a certain amount. They all make some very unique line of clothing that brings your EDM party experience a notch higher. Here are 12 of them.

Electric Styles

Where to buy rave clothes Electric-Styles

Seen those light-up ties around in parties? Well, Electric Styles became famous for making them. The store originally sold items in Etsy and quickly grew because of the quality of the products that they made. Now, they specialize in making and selling light-up products that are mainly used during EDM parties and raves. They sell clothes for men and women, as well as accessories.

Emazing Lights

where to buy rave clothes emazing lights

Light-up gloves are great EDM accessories. Glow apparels for men and women are also very popular rave clothes. You can get them all at Emazing Lights. They specialize in making light-up gloves and light toys. They have unique 110% money-back guarantee service for their customers, so you won’t have to worry about getting low quality products. (Hint: Use promo code ‘PLURBAES’ at checkout to receive a 10% discount)


where to buy rave clothers RageOn

You go to a dance party to dance and to meet people. You want to look remarkable and unique. At RageOn!, you’ll get clothes that will definitely make you stand out. They make shirts and hoodies with bizarre and eye-catching designs. From shirts printed with muscled-cats to extremely colorful galaxy hoodies, you’ll surely find the most distinct rave clothes you could hope for.


where to buy rave clothes into the am

INTO The AM has become extremely popular for those artistically printed tanks and tees. They’ve also partnered with many music festivals that helped made their name. The company is based in California and is still producing more vibrant designs for all EDM party goers looking for good quality graphic tops. (Hint: Use promo code ‘PLURBAES’ at checkout to receive a 10% discount)


where to buy rave clothes iHeartRave

iHeartRaves sells an extensive array of rave clothes. They both sell for men and women and for all types of apparels and accessories. They’re considered to be the biggest rave retailer in the world. If you’re looking rave bras, pasties, booty shorts, diffraction glasses, graphic tank tops, or lights toys, you’re sure to find something at iHeartRaves. (Hint: Use promo code ‘PLURBAES’ at checkout to receive a 10% discount)

Lunar Armbands

where to buy rave clothes lunar armbands

Glow sticks are so old-fashioned. Introducing, light-up armbands by Lunar Armbands.  They’re perfect for any EDM parties that last for the entire night. These armbands have a battery life of more than 100 hours and you can replace them once they run out of juice allowing them to be reused. Unlike glow sticks, these armbands are really bright and vibrant at night. It’s water-resistant and flexible.

Billionaires Apparel

where to buy rave clothes billionaires apparel

Billionaires Apparel sells rave shirts, EDM headwear, etc. They produce limited edition clothing with unique prints. They care about clothes and accessories as much as they care about EDM music. When you visit their website, they offer free EDM music for potential customers to listen to. The company is quite famous for line mottos which is “Work Hard. Rave Harder.” They believe that they bring people together with the clothes and accessories they create.

On Cue Apparel

where to buy rave clothes on cue apparel

On Cue Apparel has some very stylish clothes. They make colorful and meaningful graphic tees and tanks tops. They also have a line of hoodies and sweatshirts. For women, they have crop tops, shorts, and stockings. They also have accessories such as EDM masks, light toys, and diffraction glasses. Their designs feature the unique and original works of artists around the world.

Aurora Vizion

where to buy rave clothers aurora vision

Your EDM experience can be taken a level higher when you’re wearing a pair of rave sunglasses. Aurora Vizion specializes in these type of glasses. They have diffraction glasses, LED light up glasses, and kaleidoscope glasses. They take bulk orders and provide free shipping when your purchase is over $35.

Hous 247

where to buy rave clothers hous 247

Hous 247 is an EDM clothes store that also cares about music as much as fashion. They sell clothes for men and women carrying designs showing the company’s passion for music. Images of raves, DJs and their famous logo are among the prints on their shirts and hoodies. Their website also features latest news about the EDM scene.

Jojo Electro

where to buy rave clothes jojo electro

Most EDM apparel store are online stores and sometimes it’s difficult to purchase clothes when you’re living outside the US. Jojo Electro ships all around the globe. They sell EDM party clothes for men and women. They make shirts with catchy phrases referring to EDM music and partying. They also sell accessories like sunglasses, and ballers.


where to buy rave clothes nghtbrnd

NIGHTBRND has some sick designs. Their style is minimal and play around very few colors with black and white dominating.  They offer free shipping when your order is over $75. You can choose a lot from their wide selection of apparel. They have tees, tanks, hoodies, and caps. They also have a look book to give you their latest styles.



Hopefully with the help of this great guide you will know where to buy rave clothes online. New brands are still being created, so we will keep track of the industry and amend this post to add new brands, companies, and online stores to our review. If you would like your company to be featured on our site, please feel free to email us at info@plurbaes.com .