What Does Wearing A Kandi Mean

by IPukeVenom

Seeing adults wearing a set of colorful plastic bracelets when it is not a rave day might seem weird for people outside the scene. People may give you puzzled looks when they see you wearing a set of kandi on your wrists on the street.

But for the ravers it means something different than ‘acting out’ in ordinary people’s prospective. By this small detail you can tell that a person is probably a part of the rave family, or, at least, knows someone who belongs to it. In any case, it is a good excuse to stop and ask about that, and have a dialogue with a person that you just met.

Photo by Mixtribe on Flickr
Photo by Mixtribe

How did the kandi come into the rave world?

Rumor has it that having kandi at the parties originates from the drug dealers. They used to wear the neon bracelets in order to be well-seen for their potential clients in the dark of the night. Ravers liked the idea that was behind it – as being noticed, and soon they became an essential part of the culture. And they are seen! Only look at those beautiful arms covered in bracelets, and each and one of them has its own story to tell.

Nowadays kandis represent so many things for the raver community! Kindness and rebellion, uniqueness and joy, love and respect – so to say, the most of the raver life’s fundamentals. You can receive it as a gift from your friend, or a person who you do not even know – and you will make one in return as well. As for the kandi that you got, you will always remember the circumstances how it became yours. As for the one that you are making – it will become a one-of-a-kind customized gift filled with love.

Photo by Psychonaught
Photo by Psychonaught

Bracelets are extremely easy to make, and there are millions different options for being creative. Kandi kit costs close to nothing, and there are enough beads in it to provide you and many of your friends with kandis for the next party.

Even if a person is not a raver, a kandi bracelet can become a great souvenir for him or her, and introduction to a rave culture. It will give you an opportunity to talk about the meaning of the whole movement, rave values and maybe encourage that person to go with you to one of the upcoming parties, who knows?

The truth is, kandi bracelets have become more than just the bracelets long time ago. For a raver community they do stand for the PLUR philosophy: Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. They bring people closer and can often become a start for a new conversation, and then – a relationship, with someone who shares same life views and values.

Go ahead and make another (or your so very first) kandi bracelet now!