Top 5 Things To Take To Your Next Music Festival

Going to a music festival is an unforgettable experience, and you will definitely love it. It does not matter, if it is your first time, or fifteenth time – it is always new and exciting!

Probably, if you are not a newcomer to this kind of events, you already know what to get with you, and what to leave at home, so you do not have to read any further. But if it is your first time, or you need to refresh your memory – please read carefully to save you a lot of time and give you the best festival experience. So the backpacks are stuffed with your wigs, shoes and makeup, batteries and gloves are all set and you seem to be good to go. Check up with the list below, if you have taken the most necessary things.

Water bottle

water bottle

Make sure that you have taken care about your water supplies – you might even want to end up with a couple of extra plastic bottles, just in case you need to wash your face, not saying about dehydration. Some love using Camelbacks.

Paper tissues and wet wipes

kleenex paper tissues

Wet wipes will give you a hand when you are too far away from the bathroom and need to wash your hands, or wipe your face . And needless to say that you most likely did not fit a roll of a toilet paper into your luggage, so paper tissues are your best friends when using bathrooms at the events. Well, it is not exactly going to be a bathroom in our classical understanding of it. It will be a portable toilet that thousands more people are using , luckily – not at the same time. So yes, toilet paper supplies are an issue.



Imagine you got out from a tiny blue cabin, where you did your best not to touch anything around you. You do need to wash your hands very badly! Sanitizers will help you get rid of the possible germs and bacteria you probably have encountered, and above-mentioned tissues or wipes will finish the deal, leaving your hands fresh and clean.

Portable charger


You definitely will need to be in touch with your friends during the festival, and cell phones discharge so quickly, especially when you take a lot of pictures or shooting videos. That is why a portable charger is a life saver! Just make sure you gave it a full charge before leaving, and plug it in any time you see the plug around.

Fanny pack or neck wallet

rave fanny pack

Wandering from stage to stage in the crowd is inevitable, and you need to keep track of your ID, cell phone and money. Fanny pack will conveniently sit below your belly, allowing some extra room for lipstick or tissues, and even a small water bottle. Neck wallet can be easily worn below the jacket, and be close to you with some smaller amount of the essentials.

Also, common sense says to get comfortable shoes to rave on, and check the weather forecast for the venue – that may bring the change of plans, and rearranging your luggage priorities.