Top 5 Gifts for Ravers

Remember that panicky feeling, when you have to buy a gift for someone, but you can’t come up with a single idea what to buy?

And what if he or she is a raver?

If they are chosen with love and care, you can’t go wrong with the party essential for your fellow raver. Picking them for your favorite raver person makes it special at all points: you show you love his or her raver self, and that you make an effort to make them happy by getting them something you know they like and would appreciate. That makes it a lot easier with this list.

Personalized kandi bracelet

As it was said – party essential. And a bracelet can be handmade, by you! Customize it with something you and your friend both share: a phrase that means a lot to you, a lyric from the concert you both went to, logo of a favorite band, or a fictional character you are crazy about. Kandi is cheap to make, but still is a very personal gift by look at which you always will be remembered.


There is nothing more comfortable to put all your stuff in than a fanny-pack! It will literally be always by your side, not limiting your dance moves and not hitting the other dancing ravers (as the backpacks usually do). It is lightweight and will serve you for a very long time. How to make it personal? Various styles and colors are available: from shiny golden ones, to neon and LED packs. Pick the one your loved one will like, basing on the favorite color of his or hers, or the right amount of crazy it looks. Or you can buy a basic fanny-pack and customize it buy yourself by sawing beads, adding pins and other small but valuable things on it.

Matching outfits

Buy same T-shirts, pair of  LED gloves give him or her same earring so you could wear them together to the party. It can be the whole outfit, or just a small accessory – they thing is to have some thing in common.

Fave playlist

Sharing some memories from a particular rave party? Make a playlist of tracks that you danced whole night to. Compile them on Spotify, iTunes, or any other platform and send it to him or her. In case if you are a true outdated romantic – give him or her a CD, or USB card to play in the car.

Rave tickets

Well, nothing will be more appreciated than the tickets to another rave event. They are always a perfect gift and make people happy. It doesn’t matter whether they are for the next week, or for the event in six months – a true raver will be happy to receive such a nice gift.

Thinking about the gift for a raver is just like about any other’s – may be a bit frustrating. But here you have an advantage, you know what the one you care about loves, and with this list you will be able to choose the best option for you!