Tiesto’s Private Jets Through the Years

tiesto private jet

Unlike cars, not a lot of people are able to buy a jet.  Even less common are private individuals owning and maintain several jets.  Most of those who own one or several are either multi-millionaire businessmen or celebrities.  One such personality is DJ Tiesto who is known to have used, bought, and maintained his own jets over the years.  He does so not as a frivolous luxury but for more practical reasons connected to his status as a celebrity.

Who is Tiesto

tiesto private jet

DJ Tiesto is one of the most talented and most famous DJs in the world today. He is also a record producer and has released 5 studio albums to date. He is well-known all over the world and people flock to music festivals just to see his show. He has sold out concerts in the many different countries, has a huge following on social media and has released many tracks that have appeared in top music charts worldwide. He had once performed live in front of billions of people during the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. Needless to say Tiesto is one of the most successful DJs to date.

Just like any other celebrity Tiesto leads a very busy life. He sometimes needs to do more than one performance per day especially during music festival season. He sometimes needs to perform in different countries and in different continents in one night. For this reason, he needs to have a private jet to transport him from one place to another just so he can play his music.

Tiesto’s music requires him to travel constantly so instead of going through the hassles of flying a commercial flight, he chooses to fly via private jet. What he reportedly does is he rents the plane for months at a time and uses it whenever he needs to. In recent interviews it was confirmed that DJ Tiesto’s private jet was his own.

The cost of owning a private jet can range anywhere from $5 million for a small starter jet and goes up to $100 million dollars or more for bigger planes. Add in costs of maintenance, storage, flight crew, taxes, insurance and you’ll need around $750,000 to $1million a month just to maintain a private jet. The cost of maintenance goes higher for bigger jets. There’s also the cost of customized interiors and exterior paint jobs that a lot of DJs are into right now. Fitting specialized equipment in the interiors of the plane also adds to the cost.

To rent a private jet is cheaper if you call a $100,000 roundtrip flight cheap. According to Forbes, this is the estimated amount that a private jet would cost if you are travelling from New York to San Francisco which Tiesto often does. Renting a private jet for one flight depends on the number of hours of the flight. The amount also varies with the kind of jet you will rent. The average price of a chartered flight per hour is $2,000 to $9,000 approximately for small jets and goes up to $12,000 to $20,000 for bigger private jets. This amount might seem like a lot for common folks but for DJ Tiesto it’s probably just pennies. According to Forbes Magazine Tiesto earns approximately $38 million a year.

Benefits of Having a Private Jet

Tiesto Private Jet

There are lots of benefits of flying via a private jet. Tiesto’s private jets were used mainly for convenience as he needed to be in so many places at a time. He would sometimes be flying from a big party in Ibiza to perform at a concert and then fly to LA a few hours later for a gig. His flight hours also vary so it is better that he gets a private flight rather than go on scheduled commercial flights. He sometimes has to fly immediately after he has finished a gig in order to get to his next performance with only a few minutes to spare before it starts. Flying via private jet means that he doesn’t have to deal with delayed flights, queuing and other hassles of flying commercial.

Another benefit of having a private jet is the privacy that it gives Tiesto. In Tiesto’s private jet, he can peacefully relax without a fan asking for an autograph or a photo every 10 seconds. It’s a great place to rest before starting his performance. He once said in an interview that he spends about 150 days a year travelling so he is entitled to a few hours of downtime.

Having a private jet also means you get to lounge comfortably in your PJs or whatever attire you want while flying. You also get bigger leg room that even first class flights don’t have. Some artists even fit beds inside a private jet just so they can catch up on sleep. A private jet’s bathroom facilities are also top notch which is a plus if you’re flying for longer periods.

According to the news, Tiesto doesn’t just rest while onboard his private jet. It was said that he uses his time during a flight very efficiently. If you were flying 12 hour flights often and on a big private jet with just you and some of your crew, you can really get a lot of work done. Tiesto’s private jet is where he reportedly made some of his best chart topping music. One of his hits Flight 643 was done during one of his many flights.

Tiesto’s private jet isn’t just for travel and creating great music. He also uses it for fun of course. He reportedly partied with Swedish House Mafia aboard his private jet and got so drunk that he and the guys started shooting corks from champagne bottles at the pilot and spilled its contents all over the jet’s interior. If you can afford to rent a private jet, you pretty much do what you want while you are there, right?

All these benefits are great but nothing really compares to having your private plane with your name on it cruising down the runway. There’s something so bad*ss about disembarking from a plane that’s customized just for you. It’s no wonder that many DJs and celebrities have followed suit and have been using private jets to travel just like Tiesto.

Tiesto’s Private Jets

tiesto private jet

Over the years, Tiesto has used different types of jets. He has flown mostly medium or mid-sized jets like Cessna Citation and Cessna 560XL. The private jet that he used in his 2010 tour, a Cessna Citation XLS, had a custom paint job which included a pair of DJ headphones and Tiesto’s name printed on the side. Most of the Tiesto’s private jet models in his fleet bear his name and other identifying marks at the exterior of the plane. He uses bigger planes when he wants to party with friends and other EDM artists.

He uses his private jet not just to go to all the parties and gigs that he needs to attend but also to spread word about the cause that he supports. He would often perform for a cause or for free to raise funds for the charity of his choice. In 2014, he reportedly played in the Global Citizen Festival for free. Global Citizen Festival is organized by Global Poverty Project which aims to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030.

Inside, his private jet you’ll find customized state of the art sound system installed. He was once asked why he placed these kinds of sound system and he answered that he installed it for parties of course. Tiesto also often works while in flight so it is natural that he’d want the best DJ equipment while onboard. He also makes sure that the interior of the jets that he uses can accommodate all his equipment for his show. He once tweeted that he had too many things onboard his private jet with the hashtag #DJProblems.

Tiesto’s jets come with his own flight crew and can leave the airport on short notice. He stays mostly in Miami these days so you can bet that he stores his private jet in a nearby Miami Airport. He says that he prefers the weather in Miami especially during the winter and that he knows a lot of people here so even if he is Dutch he resides mostly in Miami.

Besides his private jet, Tiesto also owns a lot of homes, cars and other investments. In an interview, he once said that he doesn’t know how many houses he owns so he better count them. But the one thing that he doesn’t own is a yacht. He says like to party and relax on yacht but he rents them rather than own one.

Tiesto continues to reign as one of the most famous and greatest DJs in the world. Other DJs may come and go but Tiesto’s decade long experience in the EDM scene will ensure that he will be playing more music for years to come. His career continues to soar as he flies on the Tiesto Jet and performs his music for thousands of people. People will continue to listen and dance to his hypnotizing music. He’s a great music artist, producer, philanthropist all rolled in one.