About Us

From the first glance, EDM scene is dominated by men who collectively make up the largest sausage party fest in the universe.

With only three female artist on the DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs chart in 2015, it is easy to come to the conclusion that Electronic Dance Music is no women’s business.

However, we all know that this statement is wrong on so many levels…

That is true that there are not as many female producers because sitting in front of computer screens and playing with equalizers, synthesizers, and other plugins doesn’t sound exciting to everyone. Nevertheless, everyone may name several female producers who are on a par with their male counterparts.

Furthermore, don’t be so narrow focused and don’t limit your search horizon by the view of the main stage. If you broaden your perspective, you will realize that women are playing much bigger role in the scene than most of us are used to think.

There are countless examples, but here are a couple of vivid examples to prove our point:

  • Ms. Anna Knaup is Hardwell’s manager who is responsible for mapping out his career and looking into future plans for where he will be in a number of years. That includes everything related to album releases, gigs, endorsements, press, social media marketing, etc. It is safe to suggest that Ms Knaup has a certain level of influence over Harwell’s career, and he wouldn’t be the same artist we all know without his female manager.
  • Female vocals is the biggest part of many of our favorite electronic masterpieces. Imagine Dash Berlin’s ‘Waiting’ without Emma Hewitt’s beautiful voice or Hardwell’s ‘Apollo’ without Amba Shepherd’s “We Are The Lucky Ones” chorus.

After all, look around yourself in the crowd when you attend the next EDM event. I can almost guarantee that at least half of your fellow ravers will be girls dancing happily with their wings/cat ears/furry hoods/diffraction glasses/etc and smiles on.

Therefore this website’s goal is to restore fairness and pay due respect to the female half of EDM scene (the better half!).