Best Rave Sunglasses You Should Get

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Best Rave Sunglasses

Best Rave Sunglasses You Should Get

Going to a rave is not just about the music, the dancing, and the people. It’s also about you. If you want to have a great time partying, you have to look good and make the best out of your experience. Aside from the trendiest party clothes today, rave sunglasses are becoming very popular. Not only do they make you look festive and cool but they also give you amazing visuals or that extra ‘trip’ you need to get into the party zone. These glasses include diffraction glasses, kaleidoscope glasses and LED light up glasses. Here are some of the most popular rave sunglasses you can buy on Amazon.


Diffraction glasses are also called prism glasses. The lens of the eyewear work like a prism. You look at any source of light and it bends or ‘diffracts’ those lights into many different colors and geometry. With all the laser lights and strobe lights during a rave, your party experience will never be dull with these glasses.

Zonez Premium Diffraction Glasses

Best Rave Sunglasses Zonez Premium

The Zones premium diffraction glasses is one those rave glasses that look normal on the first glance. It has a classic wayfarer style and very clear lenses. Zonez claims it is the clearest diffraction lenses available. You might think it’s just a normal sunglasses until you wear it. Light sources break into neon colors, holographic rainbow lights and different shapes when you look through these glasses. The glasses come with a free microfiber case to clean and protect them. The frame is available in black, yellow or white.

RainbowOPTX Diffraction Glasses

Best Rave Sunglasses Rainbow OPTX

The RainbowOPTX diffraction glasses is a rave sunglasses without tint to make it easier to see. It has intense diffraction gating lenses to produce the best visuals and color effects. You can customize it in many different ways. The frame comes in matte or transparent colors. The most popular is the matte black frame. Transparent colors include, green, rose, indigo and magenta.

3Dstereo Diffraction Glasses

Best Rave Sunglasses 3Dstereo Glasses

The 3Dstereo diffraction glasses are made from crystal clear aligned lenses to provide an explosion of spectrum as light passes through the lenses and into your eyes. The frame is plastic and it only comes in black.

Emazing Lights Premium Prism Rave Glasses

Best Rave Sunglasses Emazing Lights Premium Prism

The Emazing Lights premium prism rave glasses has a durable plastic composite frame. The lenses are non-polarized and non-tinted to give a clear and awesome light show experience during parties, concerts or even firework shows. The frame comes in white color and transparent.



Kaleidoscope glasses give you that ‘bug-eye’ vision. It takes an image and magnifies it all around your vision to induce you into a trance-like state and give you a mind-blowing party experience. Unlike the diffraction lenses, kaleidoscope glasses have uneven lenses to produce the kaleidoscopic effect.

GloFX Black Kaleidoscope Glasses

Best Rave Sunglasses Kaleidoscope

The GloFX black kaleidoscope glasses has lenses made from genuine glass crystals from Florida. The multi-faceted lenses create visual stimulation night or day. The lenses are also infused with rainbow colors to give you a sea of polychromatic objects and shapes. The glass frame comes in jet black and with a microfiber case.

Lite Up Kaleidoscope Glasses

Best Rave Sunglasses Lite Up Kaleidoscope

The Lite Up kaleidoscope glasses has both plastic frame and lenses. The lens can come in multi-faceted or portal-shaped to transform your perfection of reality. See multiple image reflections in varying colors of your choice. You can choose rainbow, magenta, champagne, sapphire or lenses of different colors. You can customize the glasses by choosing the frame color you want. It also comes with a microfiber case and a lanyard strap to keep it secure.

GloFX Black Kaleidoscope Wormhole Glasses

Best Rave Sunglasses GloFX Black Kaleidoscope Wormhole

The GloFx black kaleidoscope wormhole glasses give you a different experience. The wormhole-shaped or portal-shaped lenses gives you a very stimulating kaleidoscopic vision while keeping a clear and normal view at the center of the lenses. The design of the glasses is both classic and sophisticated. The frame comes in jet black and the lens in rainbow color.

Dem Vibes Festival Kaleidoscope Glasses

Best Rave Sunglasses Dem Vibes Festival Kaleidoscope Glasses

The Dem Vibes festival kaleidoscope glasses have wormhole lenses that intensely distorts images and prove a very ‘trippy’ kaleidoscopic effect. The lenses can be rainbow tinted or clear. And the frames can be in black, transparent, or tribal print. The frame is made out of plastic and the whole glasses is very light at 1.3 ounces, which Dem Vibes claims is the lightest on the market making it really comfortable for dancing.


LED Light Up glasses are great for parties at night. Grab everyone’s attention by sporting glasses that light up in bright, and sometimes, flashing colors.

JEBSENS – Light Up EL Wire Sunglasses

Best Rave Sunglasses JEBSENS - Light Up EL Wire Sunglasses

The JEBSENS – light up EL wire sunglasses are pretty simple-looking glasses until you term them on. The entire frame is lined with LED light that gives you a nice glow on your face. The lens is clear and the frame is black. You can choose different colors of the light. There’s blue, aqua, pink, purple, red and white. The glasses are lit up by 2AA batteries which lasts for 8-24 hours. You can put the battery pack on your pocket or clip it on your shorts or pants while dancing.

WeGlow International Flashing Multi-Color Sunglasses

Best Rave Sunglasses WeGlow International Flashing Multi Color Sunglasses

The WeGlow international flashing multi-color sunglasses give you the flashing lights you need to be the star of the party. The battery is attached to the frame of the glasses which allows for easy movement. LED lights of different colors are embedded inside the transparent frame of the glasses. Once turned on, the lights will flash non-stop.

Fun Central T001 LED Light Up Slotted Shades

Best Rave Sunglasses Fun Central T001 LED Light Up Slotted Shades

The Fun Central T001 LED light up slotted shades are the next level of slotted shades. Kanye West made slotted shades popular but with the added lights, it’s even cooler. You can choose among different frame and LED light colors. There are 6 LED lights scattered around the glasses that flash in three different settings: fast, slow, and constant.