February 27, 2016

*** PLUR Bae of the Day *** @special_kayyyyy_ from Colorado would love to dance to her favorite song ‘Ghost town’ by Adam Lambert (USB players edit) at EDC Vegas or Global Dance Dstival.


February 19, 2016

***Rave Bae of the Day*** @kachina_bear is a chemical engineering student and barista from New Mexico. She is very excited about going to the EDC LV for the first time this summer where she will


February 5, 2016

repost from @ladies_of_edm Check out the @special_kayyyyy_ —————————————

@kianamariex_ @redbaronfeli

February 5, 2016

repost from @we.edm 🔮🌟🔮 Go and follow this rave duo 🔮🌟🔮 😄😄 @kianamariex_ @redbaronfeli 😄😄 #ravebra


December 26, 2015

repost from @hottest_of_edm Eyes like those, want😍 @electricc_feeel


December 20, 2015

repost from @lusciousblake Come find me at EDC DAY ONE !!!!!! I’ll be at carnival square tonight to take photos let’s meet up @1030 💕✨👸🏼🎆🌼💋


December 18, 2015

repost via from @raveselfies Rave Selfie is my gorgeous friend @devonwinston on the way to. You look like a beautiful princess boo. Have so much fun! 🌈💕 Want to be featured? ______________________________________ Use the hashtag