Nina Kraviz on BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix

February 12, 2016

Listen back to the weird and wonderful sounds of @NinaKraviz on BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix. Nina Kraviz is a DJ/producer from Moscow. She began DJing and collecting vinyl before joining a band as a

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Goes EDM

February 6, 2016

  Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff expressed interest in using “Together” by Throttle, who just released a #1 collab with Oliver Heldens, for her campaign tour. This might be an attempt to appeal to Marco Rubio’s audience

MØ Announces Her New Surprising Collaboration

January 29, 2016

After her amazing collaboration with Major Lazer, MØ recently shared a Tweet about her upcoming collaboration with, guess who? Of course, the answer is Jack Ü, the amazing Skrillex and Diplo’s duo. Shortly before she announced this

The Rise of Caroline D’Amore

January 29, 2016

Have you heard of Caroline D’Amore? Well, this is a name you should pay more attention to. Caroline D’Amore spent her childhood in Southern California, but she’s not your run-of-the-mill California Girl. “I was the

Mija Releases New Remix & World Tour Dates

January 29, 2016

Besides releasing her new Daren Styles remix, Mija also announced her second world tour – sick.af v2. The tour will take her from LA to Mexico and even beyond. The tour will see her set

Betsie Larkin – “We Are The Sound” Premiere

January 29, 2016

Betsie Larkin is one of the legendary trance vocalists. She is behind some of the biggest genre anthems such as, “Safe Inside You” with Armin Van Buuren and “Not Coming Down” with Ferry Corsten. Her amazing

May I Introduce: Krewella

January 5, 2016

Yasmine Yousaf is one of the founding members of Krewella. Yasmine was born in 1992 and is listed a singer, songwriter, and rapper. Yasmine is a mixture of Pakistani, German and Lithuanian. Jahan is the

This LED water slide will blow your mind

January 5, 2016

This blow you mind attraction at The Bad 1 leisure center in Bremerhaven, Germany is geared up with a series of high-powered LEDs that make for the ultimate ride. The Black Hole water slide starts off in

How DJs Got Their Names (Part II)

January 5, 2016

  Above & Beyond With Grant and Siljamäki teaming up with McGuiness to form a trio, Above & Beyond became their artists name. They plucked the name Above & Beyond from a web page belonging

How DJs Got Their Names

January 5, 2016

  Afrojack My stage name comes from my hairdo back in the nineties, when I used to have a pretty impressive Afro. Jack comes from a term used in house music back in the days.

Diffraction Glasses

January 5, 2016

As they say, curiosity is the mother of all inventions. To start off with, diffraction is a process in which a beam of light gets spread when it passes through a narrow aperture or an

The Best Remixes of Adele – Hello

January 2, 2016

We are all amazed by Adele’s return. She is back, and she is back with a vengeance. ‘Hello’ has taken over the airways, and, just like with every other good track, it didn’t take long

Top 100 Female DJanes List Results

January 1, 2016

Every year, DJ Mag releases their Top 100 DJs list, and every year mostly males dominate the list. True, DJing is indeed dominated by males, but many women occupy powerful roles in music and receive

World’s Top 10 Sexiest (Female) DJs

January 1, 2016

The EDM society can be picky. For example, they cannot choose the sexiest DJ only. They have to pay attention to her talent also, because not everything is in good looks. These five DJs we

Lady Casa is The Rave Queen

December 29, 2015

The rave scene and EDM was originally the venue of a tight-knit and like-minded groups who got together to dance in an almost enhanced state of consciousness. Raves were originally magical events where anyone could