SuperCity Summer Festival

SuperCity Summer Fest
“SUPERCITY was created with the positive idea of always building and refinement. Our goal is bringing together major cultural platforms that span ethnic, international, and economic boundaries while using music from multiple-genres to bond them in perfect harmony and bliss.”SUPERCITY Summer Fest

What is SuperCity Summer?

SuperCity Summer Fest – the only summer outdoor stadium festival in Northern California – was held at Oakland Coliseum (Oakland, CA) on August 19 as the first event of the annual SuperCity Summer Fest series.

SuperCity Summer prides itself on its stellar lineups. The most recent event included live sets by several top EDM DJs including DJ Snake, Carnage, Krewella, Laidback Luke, A$AP FERG, SAGE The Gemini, Kiiara, DJ Sliink, and Team Ezy. The combination of DJs representing different sub-genres of EDM (from big room to trap to dubstep) was appealing to the broad audience who came to the Coliseum to see their favorite Electronic Dance Music acts, unplug from reality for several hours, and have a great time with like-minded people on a warm August night.


Both the inaugural SuperCity 50 back in February and SuperCity Summer Fest in August were held at Oakland Colliseum in Oakland, California which is home to the Oakland Athletics of Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League (NFL). Depending on the configuration, the venue’s seating capacity can be as high as 63,000 seats which doesn’t take into account all the floor space equal to the area of a regulation NFL football field. Thus it’s needless to say that there was plenty of space both on the floor as well as in the bowl for all the attendees, so it didn’t feel crowded and it was pretty easy to move between different locations within the venue (stage, water stations, bars, etc).

What also is neat about the venue is that it is located in the urban environment between the major Interstate Freeway 880 and Coliseum BART Station. Generally, events are held in suburban locations accessible primarily by cars and it is not very typical when there is an option to use public transit to a big EDM festival. So, being able to jump on the train and go back home after the event provides the additional convenience.


Ticket prices varied significantly providing different options and opportunities to customize the experience.

The least expensive package was sold on Groupon one day before the event for $40 dollars which included a general admission bowl ticket. A couple of people I know purchased these tickets on Groupon and they had a great time at the event. They even were able to get on the floor, so it was a really great value for just $40.

By the way, parking at the Coliseum was $40 dollars too which I found unreasonably expensive considering the lot was more than 50% empty though parking rates were probably set by the venue and not the event organizer. Just a heads up, you should consider using BART, Uber, or park off-site if you go to a rave at the Coliseum in the future.

There were 2 general admission option at normal prices: GA Floor and Bowl for $99 and GA Bowl for $55.

For ravers with a few extra bucks to spend and preferences for a more unique experience, there was a GA+ package. “PLUS” packages included several upgrades: exclusive access to the gate entrance through the BART Ramp, entry into the ‘East Side’ Club featuring private bars, concessions, indoor air-conditioned facilities and an exclusive stage with all-day performances, a red carpet experience featuring SuperCity Summer branded backdrops and a LED photo booth with event props, plus access to a SuperCity Summer gift table with commemorative LED wristbands, temporary tattoos, and more.

For groups I lauded several people there were 2 packages (so called Super Squad Packs) that offered volume discounts – Buy 3 Get 1 Free and Buy 5 Get 1 Free.

Overall, with ticket prices ranging from $40 to $125, attendees had a freedom to choose what experience they wanted to have and how much they were willing to pay for it.

Stellar Lineup

The main stage lineup included several big acts who are likely to end up high on the DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list this year. It was a well-rounded lineup that included pretty multiple major EDM sub-genres such as Big Room, Dubstep, Trap, trap-style hip-hop, and more. It is worth mentioning that there was only one stage, so the attendees didn’t have to wander between different stages all night long to see their favorite artists. The DJs appeared on the stage in the following order.

11:00pm DJ Snake
10:00pm Carnage

8:00pm A$AP Ferg

7:00pm Krewella
6:00pm Laidback Luke


A video posted by P.L.U.R. Baes (@p.l.u.r.baes) on

5:40pm Kiiara
5:10pm Sage The Gemini
4:20pm DJ Sliink
3:30pm Team Ezy
3:10pm Marty Grimes
3:00pm Jennifer Knight


Event producers have teamed up with PK Sound for audio and P2 Entertainment Group for production to curate an unrivaled and immersive fan experience, so both the sound and production were top notch. But don’t take my word for it. Watch the videos three videos above to see what the event really looked like.

The large screens on the sides of the Coliseum displayed what was going on the stage, DJ booth, and in the crowd, so you could be away from the stage. but at the same time feel like you were in the epicenter of the event.


Many great festivals are built upon variety. SuperCity Summer was the ideal blend between soft and more melodic Big Room and House music and high intensity, heavy base Dubstep and Trap sets. This is the mix that is appelaing to broad audience of EDM festival goers and in the end of the night leaves everyione satisfied with the event experience. Attending the show was a great way to close the summer festival season on a high note. It is just unfortunate that there are no known plans for SuperCity Fall, SuperCity Winter, SuperCity Spring because, now, we are left to wait until next August to attend the next event in the SuperCity Summer series.