Stööki Sound Premieres Debut Concept EP, Ösiris, on New Label, Ö.N.E Worldwide

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The Evolution of the #STÖÖKIMOVEMENT

After years of touring the world, from North America to China to Australia to Europe, Stööki Sound are here to make a bold statement with their debut concept EP, Ösiris. Meant to be a representation of the duo’s London roots and hybrid Trap sound, the EP is inspired by and named after Osiris, the Egyptian God of Transition, Resurrection and Regeneration. During the production of this EP, Stööki Sound felt themselves going through these same phases of metamorphosis, with their sound evolving and shifting into something entirely new. Ösiris represents a new path and sees Stööki Sound soaring to new heights musically and creatively. Highlighted by Grime-inspired vocal tracks “Hear That”featuring London wordsmith P Money and Stööki Sound’s own, Jelacee, plus and the recently released single “My G’s” featuring Jelacee, this EP marks the first time that Stööki Sound has featured original rap vocals in their music. Combined with the reconceptualized Trap sounds of “Endz” and “Exodus”, and hypnotizing cinematic bookends “Revive” and “Survive,” Ösirismakes a definitive statement, tells a story, and should there be any question left, lets the world know just who and what Stööki Sound and the #STÖÖKIMOVEMENT are.

As the debut project on Stööki Sound’s own independent label imprint, Ö.N.E Worldwide, Ösiris is a wonderfully blended collage of heavy U.K. and U.S. Hip-Hop and Electronic sounds, blurred together into something truly distinctive. Premiered via Complex UK, Ösiris is available today Friday October 28th, and is available to stream and download on all major music platforms.

“This has been a huge year for us. From touring the world, to launching our new label, Ö.N.E Worldwide, it’s been mad. Our inspiration for this EP came from the Egyptian God, Osiris, who is the God of transition, resurrection and regeneration. To us, this EP represents a new Stööki Sound, and marks the point at which we have matured and furthered our sound. We go even deeper with this representation with our track names, Revive (the intro track) and Survive (the final track), in which between them we showcase our new sound and ability.” -Stööki Sound
Stööki Sound – Ösiris EP
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