Safe In Sound 2016 Continues Their Bass Takeover in The Bay

safe in sound 2016

Safe in Sound 2016: Going All Out

Safe In Sound is ending its 2016 tour in good old Berkeley, California, home of progressive liberals, vegans, and intellectuals who can recite The Communist Manifesto from front to back. Whether you’re a college student, a Nobel laureate, activist, or just a simple raver looking for a good time, you don’t want to miss out as Safe In Sound unleashes its relentless electronic beats onto UC Theatre’s stage in the heart of downtown Berkeley. With Borgore, G-Buck, and Jayceeoh on deck, there is literally no legitimate excuse to miss Safe In Sound’s final chapter in a year that brought us Harambe and #TheMannequinChallenge.

safe-in-sound-2016-borgore-berkeleyBorgore recently released his single, “Best,” on November 4, 2016. Influenced by Drake’s style of slow tempo and percussions and accompanied with lyrics intimate, honest, and candid, I can imagine “Best” as the kind of song where you can let your body undulate in a crowd, sing along, and absorb the ambiance of light and shadows. It’s a striking contrast from his more popular and energetic songs, like “Forbes,” “100s”, and “Wild Out,” which embraced distorted synth, dramatic flourishes, and aggressive vocals. And considering that “Best” is his most recent release, I have a really strong feeling that he’ going to play “Best” this during his session. Just a hunch.

Then there’s G-Buck who is slowly but surely rising in the EDM scene. With a more predictable build and bass drops, G-Buck will bring a more familiar and conventional style which hardcore ravers are sure to appreciate. Personally, the moments that G-Buck shined the most are during when he plays his remixed Jesse Slayter songs, such as his recent Slayter collab “Body Talk” and his remix with Happy Colors, “Thick.” Released November 18, “Body Talk” reverberates with a hyper dizzying build that ultimately climaxes to a restrained and controlled bass drop. “Body Talk” is a departure from his other EDM songs that are all dizzy, less restrain build-drop settings. If there’s any time to believe in a God, now’s the time to pray that G-Buck plays his “Body Talk” track.

Hold on!

That’s the new track by Jayceeoh released November as well. The beautiful shrills of Britt Daley’s vocals texturize the song’s sample which, without Daley, “Hold On” would just be another one of those EDM songs. But it’s not. Because we’re talking about Jayceeoh. The DJ who gave us “Elevate.” The music producer who gave us a remix of Keiynan’s song, “Higher.” And the same producer who gave us the melodramatic beats of “Testament” and the decadent yet reflective melody of “Lights Out.”

And there is no better venue to have them play out their arrangements than in UC Theatre. Forget outdoor venues. Forget large auditoriums. Small enclosed venues, like UC Theatre, has always brought the best out of the hypersensual experience of electronic songs and there’s no doubt that the showcases of Borgore, G-Buck, and Jayceeoh will deliver prime sounds with great acoustic caliber.

Not convinced? Learn more by reading their info in Safe In Sound 2016’s link. But if I somehow persuaded you to make the best decision ever, you can buy tickets by following this link.