Krewella Ammunition

Krewella Ammunition EP

The EDM duo, Krewella, surprised fans with their latest 6-track EP. The Krewella Ammunition EP was released by Columbia Records on May 20, 2016 although two of the singles in the EP, “Beggars” and “Broken Record” were already out by then. It’s been almost 3 years since Krewella did a major release and 2 years since Kris Trindl “The Rainman” left the group.


The apparent quick rise of Krewella in the EDM scene was slowed down by the internal issues that plagued the EDM group. Only a year after the release of their debut album “Get Wet,” Trindl filed a lawsuit against the Yousaf sisters claiming that he was kicked out of the group to increase the share of profits between the sisters. Yasmin and Jahan defended themselves with a counter lawsuit stating that Trindl was an incompetent group member and was addicted to alcohol. A settlement outside court was done and Krewella officially said good bye to Trindl who is no more famously known as “Rainman.”


The title of the EP is “Ammunition.” After news broke out that Krewella was now a duo instead of a trio, several fans and some DJs took Trindl’s side and expressed their dismay for the sisters. Some fans argued that Krewella was only able to produce music because of Trindl’s talent. It was obviously a difficult time for the sisters but it was also obvious that they weren’t going to back down. This EP is a testament to their triumph over their haters. The tracks still have that signature Krewella sound with more influence from pop and trap.


There is a singular theme to the six tracks in the EP. They reflect the past and the things the sisters went through. The tracks also entail the desire to continue and to fight for the future. Most of the tracks are full of infectious energy combined with vocals that are much more meaningful and styles and influences that are present modern EDM tracks.

The first track, “Beggars”, was produced by Diskord. It’s the most “Krewella” track among the six. It has that anthemic and angsty sound with strong and harsh songwriting characteristic of the tracks in “Get Wet” that made the album unique and memorable.

The next track, “Broken Record”, takes a lean towards metal. It starts out energetically and maintains it all throughout the song. The track is filled with the sisters’ vocals featuring their distinct crooning present in many of their songs.

“Marching On” is an evolution track for Krewella. It’s different. It starts out slow and gentle with the vocals and synths but immediately goes to unexpected drops featuring tribal drums and shouting.

“Surrender The Throne” is a track made great because of the melody. A guitar interlude opens the song followed by aggressive vocals that still have a recognizable melodic style. Pegboard Nerds helped produce the track. They’ve also worked with the Krewella before in producing some of their tracks.

The EP has a title track and it shows the influence that the duo have been receiving and considering. “Ammunition” can almost be classified as trap music. Snare rolls, synth pads, and vocals make the song a lighter version of the usual tracks that Krewella makes. It has pop elements that a lot of EDM fans will surely like.

The pop influence continues to show on the next track of the EP entitled, “Can’t Forget You.” It has a hook that’s lyrical sung in vocals that are memorable and catchy.


The EP clearly does not try to deliver the same thing that “Get Wet” brought to EDM. Pure dubstep is difficult to use in today’s standards and style in creating EDM tracks. The musical taste of EDM fans also evolve and Krewella understands this. Artists, even in the EDM genre, need to reinvent their style and their work in order to be timely and current. The lyrics of the tracks of the EP follows a different direction compared to the tracks in “Get Wet.” The lyrics are a reflection of the struggles and the overcoming of the personal issues that the duo have gone through.

Bringing something new is always something to be praised about and taking inspiration from personal experiences make the tracks honest, genuine, and more memorable. If Krewella is willing and able to broaden their limits, then it gives us the sense of excitement in expecting what they’re going to do next.


Aside from the EP, Krewella also announced that they will be having their tour sometime later in 2016. As of June 11, 2016, the EP has reached the no. 2 spot on the Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart of Billboard. It has sold 3,000 copies on the week of its release and its lead single “Beggars” are climbing the charts on the Top Dance/Electronic Digital Songs and Hot Dance/Electronic Songs.