Ravitez & Afrojack – The Great Escape ft. Amba Shepherd

Source: Infectious PR

Ravitez & Afrojack - The Great Escape ft. Amba Shepherd

Ravitez And Afrojack Take You On A Journey With New Single ‘The Great Escape’ Ft. Amba Shepherd

“Ravitez’ collab with Afrojack is a crowning jewel to his big 2016.” 1001 TRACKLISTS

One look at their recent catalogue and you’ll know that it’s been an immense year for Afrojack’s Wall Recordings label. And as 2016 begins drawing to a close, the main man himself steps up with The Great Escape ft. Amba Shepherd, a huge collaboration alongside one of the label’s hottest rising stars, Ravitez.

The record started out life as a demo recorded in Afrojack’s studio just before the pair were due to perform in India together. After stitching together a playable version on the plane ride over, Afrojack tested the tune in his set that night and, in the words of Ravitez, “the crowd went nuts!” The next day saw them complete the track in their hotel room and The Great Escape was born.

Packed with uplifting moments and overlaid with Amba Shepherd’s soaring vocals, The Great Escape is perfect peak time music. Bursting with energy, the combination of Ravitez’ melodies and that old skool Afrojack sound create a record that will excite fans of the Wall Recordings head honcho and place up and comer Ravitez firmly on the map.

Premiered by Billboard this week, The Great Escape is a fantastic example of Ravitez’ impeccable studio skills and uplifting melodies that proves exactly why Afrojack invited him to become part of the Wall Recordings family.

“During his career Afrojack has collaborated with the world’s biggest artists, including Madonna and Snoop Dogg. Next on the horizon is a new collaboration with Ravitez.” DJ MAGAZINE