How Popular DJs Got Their Stage Names Vol. 5

How Popular DJs Got Their Stage Names

tchami-real-name Ghastly

A lot of people have assumed that Los Angeles bass producer Ghastly named himself after the ghost-type Pokémon, but that’s not really true. “I wish I did now, that’s what everyone thinks,” Ghastly’s David Lee Crow said. Truly, it’s a darker story than pet monsters. “Those who know me know it’s just because of the kind of persona I am,” he says. “As nice as I may be, I’m a little bit abominable and a little bit atrocious in my personal decisions and lifestyle.”www.insomniac.com


tchami-real-name Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

The name was intended to oppose the often pretentious world of dance music and underground cool, and together with his stage persona, inject some fun and colour into the club environment. Orlando commented to Spin that he was looking for a name that “couldn’t be cool, couldn’t be put into some kind of scene that gets hip for six months and then falls out of fashion.” In tandem with the name he conceived a stage show which involved dressing up as a dinosaur while flanked by similarly dressed dancers.en.wikipedia.org

tchami-real-name Tiesto

“Aside from being DJ Tiesto, he has also gone under the aliases Da Joker, DJ Limited, Allure, Paradise in Dubs, and more. Back in his earlier years, Tiesto produced very different music under many different monikers. During this time, he produced in genres such as new beat, hardcore techno, and “gabber”, a dutch term coined for early electronic hardcore music.”whiteraverrafting.com

tchami-real-name Zeds Dead

The name “Zeds Dead” comes from the duo’s actual names, Zack and Dylan (Z & D), but it is also a reference to a line from the 1994 Quentin Truantino film, Pulp Fiction.bassmusic.wikia.com

tchami-real-name Tchami

I used to travel a lot these past years and I have also met some awesome people. Tchami is a name that has been given to me when I was in Africa. It’s a family name over there so it’s an honor for me to use it as my artist name. Beyond this I want to give people some insights about real parts of my life and make it relevant with my music.thump.vice.com

tchami-real-name Skrillex

“Born on January 15th, 1988, his real name is Sonny John Moore but ‘Skrillex’ was a nickname he’d had for a while. “(It) really means nothing. Throughout my teen years my friends would call me ‘Skrillex’ or ‘Skril’ or ‘Skrilly’.”www.nme.com


It was just a name that I came up with. I thought that it was really cool because electronic music is very addictive. The name came to me about seven years ago and I like it a lot because it is really short and catchy.notabledance.com

tchami-real-name MØ

“I chose this ridiculous name,” MØ, 25, said playfully backstage, explaining that it’s pronounced like “mercy” without the “cy.” “People can say whatever they want. It’s not important to me. It’s just a name.”www.latimes.com