How Popular DJs Got Their Stage Names Vol. 4

How Popular DJs Got Their Stage Names


DJs real namesFlux Pavilion

“Flux Pavilion created his name off the sole definitions of both words. Flux meaning the flow or rate of energy, and Pavilion meaning a place where entertainment is held. Put those together and you get exactly what Flux Pavilion is about” – freshnewtracks.com

DJs real namesHardwell

The name Hardwell was invented by his father. He started using it when he was 12 years old. Hardwell’s real name is Robbert van de Corput. His father explained in the dutch talk show “De wereld draaid door” that he thought of the name Hardwell by translating his surename. Cor means hart in Latin. Put litteraly means well in Dutch. By combining these playful translations he thought of the name Hardwell.  – www.exqlusiv.com

DJs real namesKrewella

We came up with it about 4-5 years ago; it was actually before Yasmine was even in the group and while we were trying out other girls. I thought of it when we were writing down lyrics, we were thinking of darker, evil, sexy, feminine lyrics and the name popped in my head and I didn’t even question it. I thought it was the perfect name for a group that would have heavy masculine beats and feminine vocals. – notabledance.com

DJs real namesGalantis

“What’s the name galantis from ? We actually have no idea… it was given to us.” – www.reddit.com

DJs real namesKygo

The name Kygo is based on his real life name, Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll? (Hint: take the first two letters of his first and last name.) – www.youredm.com


DJs real namesMadeon

From long before the general public became aware of him, prior to even his first musical incarnation as Deamon (from which he derived Madeon), he has had a grand scheme with many components—the word he falls back on more than any other. – djmag.com

DJs real namesMartin Garrix

“We created the name Martin Garrix, which is really close to my real name [Martijn Garritsen], and from that moment on we started thinking, ‘How can we create a fanbase, what kind of profile do we want to create?’ Then we started releasing tracks on the labels, because before that I gave them away for free.” – djmag.com


DJs real namesMija

She got the name “Mija” (Spanish for “my daughter”) as a nickname from her then-boyfriend. – wikipedia.org