How Popular DJs Got Their Stage Names Vol. 3

How Popular DJs Got Their Stage Names

DJs real namesDannic

“Robbert (Hardwell) and I together released the first track on his Revealed label under my old DJ Funkadelic name, Get Down Girl. Funkadelic was originally an American funk band in the 1970s so I decided to combine my name (Daan) and my sister’s name (Nikki) together for Dannic!”www.thenational.ae

DJs real namesDash Berlin

His artist name is a tribute to the German capital, where a young Jeffrey Sutorious span at Love Parade in 1999 – “Seeing all those thousands of people dancing in the street made a deep impression on me”.djmag.com

DJs real namesDeadmau5

deadmau5 says that years ago, he found a dead mouse inside his computer while changing the video card. When people started referring to him as the “dead mouse guy,” he embraced the moniker, using a numeral to shorten the name because “deadmouse” was too long for the internet chat rooms where he hung out. Thank goodness for screen name restrictions!popcrush.com

DJs real namesDeorro

“It comes from my last name, the first two syllables are Orro. In spanish its De Orro. I just bunched it up together and got ‘Deorro.'”www.edmsauce.com

DJs real namesDiplo

His stage name “Diplo” is derived from his childhood fascination with dinosaurs. “Diplo” is short for Diplodocus, a dinosaur similar to a Brontosaurus that lived in western North America during the Jurassic Period. www.songfacts.com

DJs real namesCoone

Coone is a phonetic spelling of his real name, Koen Bauweraerts.thump.vice.com

DJs real namesDon Diablo

“My real name is Don Schipper and my friends always called me “Diablo” as a nickname.”twitter.com

DJs real namesFlosstradamus

“We were drunk on a back porch in Chicago saying a bunch of different names to each other with friends. A bunch of other joke names came up but that one stuck.”www.reddit.com