October EDM Releases

October EDM Releases

October EDM Releases

The summer is over and the recent EDM releases wants to remind you that fact. Several of the EDM tracks released in the last two weeks have taken a slower pace and mellow tone. Unlike the energetic songs of the summer that were sure to increase your adrenaline in the club, these are songs that are perfect for Thursday nightclubs and long road trips to a music festival. Below are a sample of these songs that everyone should listen!

Matrix & Futurebound – Fire ft. Max Marshall

Matrix & Futurebound duo, James Quinn and Brendan Collins, are collaborating with Max Marshall for another feet stomping single, Fire. Released on October 6th, they made their announcement on Twitter (https://twitter.com/matrixandfuture/status/784178406082670593) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/matrixandfuturebound/posts/10154527405133168). With their upcoming appearances taking place in Liquicity Winter Festival and Fure Vauxhall, fans can expect they will hear their new single played live.

The duo worked with Max Marshall with their hit song, Control, on 2013. After some time apart, the musical artist found some time to create another song that is likely to be received by their listeners. Unlike Control though, Fire’s showcases stronger percussion beats, building up to the chorus until the song is stampeding with the drum-like rhythm that parallels Rudimental’s Waiting All Night (ft. Ella Eyre) and Never Let Go (ft. Foy Vance).

R3hab – Icarus

Dutch DJ, R3Hab, released his original track, Icarus, after his hit remix of Chainsmokers, Closer. Released on October 6th, his new track takes a mellower track with enchanting vocals, which is a stark contrast from his earlier tracks, “Sakura” and “Freak.” The latter tracks are fast paced with “Sakura” adopting a more traditional EDM arrangement and “Freak” embedding a remixed 90s hip hop arrangement.

Upon listening to the lyrics closely, it makes sense to entitle the track Icarus, as the lyrics showcases a narrative about fallen love. The singer likens the love interest to the sun and their progressively intimate affair slowly unravels the relationship, leaving the character of the lyric in a “burned” and fallen state. It’s a cleverly written lyric as the falling for a love contrasts from “falling in love” which often denotes the budding seeds of love. In Icarus, the narrative is more of a tragic twist.

Despite that the slower pace of the song, which contrasts from his earlier tracks, Icarus still retains the bass pounding and finger snapping beats that weaves poignantly with the sultry piano arrangement and vocals. Together, they create a melody that very likely will send dancers through variety of slower and faster tempos.

 Lost Kings – Phone Down ft Emily Warren

Lost Kings released their new track, Phone Down, which is a stark contrast from their previous tracks for its romantic slow tempo pace and its lack of a strong electronic arrangement. Released on October 7th, the track features the sweet vocals of Emily Warren, a veteran in the EDM scene having lend her voice to popular artists such as Chainsmokers.

Her vocals are not the only feature that adds a charming texture to the song. The lyrics resonates a charming tone that are ode to celebrating your significant other.

Why don’t you put that fucking phone down?
Darling, so we could be alone now
Can’t you just be here when the lights go out
Why don’t you ever put that phone down?
What could be so goddamn important
That it can’t wait until the morning?
You got me right here with my clothes off now
Why don’t you put that fucking phone down?

With these lyrics, the track appeals to many listeners who have been in that position before: significant others who are too distracted by the distractions of everyday materials that they, in essence, feel neglected and not given the romantic attention that they feel they should receive. It can also be a commentary on technologies grasp on today’s generation, which is ironic as this song will be played through those exact technologies the song is encouraging us to put down!

Aside from the lyrics and its tone, the song has a pop music tempo that is similar to songs by Jason Mraz and MAGIC!. It adopts a slow dancehall arrangement that are often appropriated and embedded in pop love songs. This song is no different and its clear that Lost Kings is taking heed of this trend through “Phone Down.” To understand what the trend that is being set, listen to the link below:


Zeds Dead – Too Young ft Rivers Cuomo, Pusha T

Science has shown that white light is actually combination of various forms of colored light, such as red, blue, yellow, etc. In a way, that science can serve as a form of analogy for Zeds Dead’s newest track “Too Young.” The track incorporates the eclectic and geeky vocals and beats of Rivers Cuomo of Weezer and the rap vocals of Pusha T, two artists who have made two careers with contrasting styles. The final product is a positive and upbeat song that encourages listeners to not let life knock you down and keep aspiring for your dreams. This message is repeatedly chanted by Cuomo’s chorus line.

Girl, we’re too young, don’t give up on life
Don’t, don’t stop believin’
Girl, we’re too young, don’t give up on life
Don’t, don’t stop believin’
Girl, we’re too young, don’t give up on life
Don’t, don’t stop believin’
Girl, we’re too young, don’t give up on life
Don’t, don’t stop believin’

The EDM style is not so apparent in this song. One would believe that this song was produced by either Rivers Cuomo or Pusha T, but the song is actually owned by Zeds Dead. Listen to Zed Dead’s previous tracks, “Frontlines” and “Stardust”. The two tracks belt out strong EDM arrangements that are very lacking in “Too Young.” It’s an odd and unexpected direction, but the song still achieves in providing a chill and uplifting song that’s perfect for a rainy day.

Lemaitre – Afterglow (album)

Another example of how collaboration is influencing the EDM styles populating the airwaves is Lemaitre’s latest album, Afterglow. The framework of EDM sounds and structure is still there and the songs are definitely engineered by one experienced in the EDM scene. Yet, the beats that are incorporated creates a unique flavor that might invoke a more indie alternative rock band style. This is the most apparent in the tracks, “We Got U” and “Last Night on Earth,” which feature vocals that are reminiscent of The Strokes and other indie alternative rock bands.

The album starts very strongly with “Playing to Lose,” which features the R&B vocals of Stanaj. The track builds up with Stanaj seductive singing, until he belts out powerful chords that sends the song into a frenzy of energetic tones.

As noted earlier, Lemaitre appears to be experimenting with a different music quality by adopting a more indie alternative style track with “We Got U.” The verses evoke that are reminiscent of early 2000s alternative rock style, such as the Stroke, as mentioned earlier. The background vocals and the whistling beats also adds a cheery and friendly warmth to the song, which is a fitting arrangement, since the song is entitled, “We Got U.” Definitely, this is a song that you can play to a friend to show companionship and loyalty. Play this in a birthday party. Play this in welcome party. Play this in a farewell party. It’s definitely a song that encourages camaraderie.

The album does have traditional EDM tracks, such as Haze, which features the ethereal voice of Phoebe Ryan. The track has a heavenly quality that reminds of gentle tempo paced, that are often heard in tracks produced by Kygo.

As someone who enjoys albums arranged in uplifting and escalating finale, the last track, “Last Night on Earth,” is positioned perfectly in the album. The song ends the album tenderly, but still retaining a raw tone that balances the track and refrains the song from coming off too melodramatic.

Lukr – Fucked Up Summer (Remix) ft. Jonas Hahn

Earlier in the summer, Lukr released a mellow track, “Fucked Up Summer.” Hearing the song for the first time, immediately, Lukr is not trying to produce a summer hit. The song is melancholic and contemplative. It evokes a harsher reality of summer memories which contrasts from Calvin Harris’ catchy and well-received song, “Summer.” Nevertheless, you have to admire Lukr for painting a more realistic song about summer memories. Besides, most summers are not all about sunshine, rainbows, and drugs. They are also about those long silent moments, cloudy days, and drugs.

Lukr nevertheless released a remix of Fucked Up Summer, which adopts a more upbeat arrangement than the original. It is fitting that the song is being released at the end of the summer season. One would wish the release of both the original and remix was reversed. However, it’s best to enjoy this energetic song.

However, with the release of “Scarecrow”, listeners will notice that Lukr’s style is more on the slower side. Even with more energy injected in the “Fucked Up Summer Remix,” the song still retains a melancholic and emotionally turbulent tone that the original evoked. Nevertheless, possibly this is a fitting song to wind down from the summer high many partygoers experienced. “Fucked Up Summer Remix” is a great entry into Autumn and an exit from the fun and warm Summer season.

Regardless of the slow tempo songs that were released, these are high quality songs from top EDM artists. And if the more adrenaline inducing songs are preferred, then look out for your remixes by other EDM producers that will be coming up soon, hopefully.