New Concept: Dials And Finger Stacks

Dialing, or finger stacking is one of the relatively new and powerful trends of the glover movement. The concept is very simple, and gives you endless variations to play with. It is also very bright and eye-catchy during the raves – you can see the groups of glovers here and there all the time.

So, the fundamental idea is not that complicated: you are basically stacking two or more of your fingers onto each other. As if dialing – that is where the name came from. At some point after stacking, you fingers move and change their position from being on top – to the bottom. Then you move them up in circles again. And after that you repeat the same motions in different order, or for the other set of fingers, or using another pattern of movements. Finger stacking and dialing have been brought into the scene by one of the legendary glovers during his light shows, and even some time ago the videos of those first shows are an inspiration for the follower dialers.

The first skill that you need to develop to be a successful dialer – finger flexibility. You must be able to move all of your fingers independently from one another. As in the tutting – you need to shape boxes and clean, sharp angles, in proper lines and dimensions.  Believe me, your fingers will look clumsy and awkward otherwise, especially in the beginning. Practice every single day to achieve boldness of the moves and total control of your fingers.

The second thing that you need is creativity. Usually dialing is performed within the same show with the king tutting and you will need some transitional moves between them. Smooth and plain, or acute and sudden – it is your choice. Just avoid bulky and sloppy moves that ruin the whole dance aesthetics. For that reason, you need to look up the existing videos and constantly think about how can you improve the moves.

This dance is very handy – come on, they are your fingers! You can always practice – even when watching TV or talking on the phone. There are a lot of combinations of what you can do – there are whole ten fingers available! Dialing professionals offer the best finger stretching practices and exercises to start from, if you are interested in learning how to do the stacking more efficiently. At first, build your foundation moves, learning from the best – grasp the dialing wisdom and make the basic moves automatic and easy to implement at any point. At second, master your skills constantly. And do not stop, use every possibility to practice and stretch. At third, add up some signature moves that only you will have and be able to perform. Create your own style, or your own pattern of moves. Sounds a bit tough? But think about performing it  in the heat of the night with your LEG gloves on! So what are you waiting for? Start practicing now!