Music Festival Ready Fashion From iHeartRaves

Music Festival Ready Fashion From iHeartRaves Apparel

Dancing and raving all night to awesome music is truly fantastic. It gets even better when you have the right clothes to wear. Celebrities who love attending music festivals just like you know this to be true as they seem to always look camera ready even while they are dancing the night away. These celebrities often have stylists and clothing sponsors to help them achieve that perfect look. For regular folks, there’s iHeartRaves fashion.

Seizing Opportunities


iHeartRaves Apparel’s humble beginnings can be traced back to the time when founder and CEO Brian Lim started selling LED gloves from the back of his car at raves and other music events. Back then, he hoped to start a worldwide phenomenon from gloving and light shows. His love for gloving and music eventually led him to meeting his fiancée, Christine Kang, at a rave in Southern California. They were drawn together by a shared passion for gloving and making costumes for festivals.

Brian and Christine started iHeartRaves in 2011 as an answer to the ever growing need for affordable and fashionable clothes to wear during raves and music festivals. At that time, there were very few places to buy quality rave gear. Both Brian and Christine and their families and friends all had a hard time finding clothes that can express their personal style and individuality at EDM events. If they ever wanted to wear something that’s not available in the stores, they would need to have it custom made which can cost a lot in the long run.

Brian and Christine expressed as much dismay for the lack of choices and the high cost of having custom made rave clothing. So they took action and created iHeartRaves. Together with their creative team, they took on the task of creating some of the best and most affordable premium quality rave clothing ever made.

Brian and Christine started iHeartRaves by coordinating with local vendors and creating a few never before seen designs in rave clothing. Soon, their company grew and they now work with over 70 vendors. They also work with some of the most talented designers to help them create beautiful rave clothing. Their network also consists of models, distributors, promoters and other EDM enthusiasts who love rave clothing just as much as they do.

Rave Apparel for Everyone

We’re excited to bring you iHeartRaves newest exclusive collection! Introducing the Eclipse Collection!

Posted by iHeartRaves.com on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

iHeartRaves has apparel for both men and women who love dressing up and attending raves and music festivals. Their rave wear consists of fashionable but comfortable styles so that EDM enthusiasts can dance all night and still look gorgeous.

For men, they have tank tops, t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, and shorts. They also sell shoes with LED lights and other rave ready footwear.  They even have boxers to complete your look. iHeartRaves designs are perfect not just for raving but for every day casual wear as well. You can cruise around wearing exclusive prints and patterns from great brands like Rukes and INTO THE AM. They offer a wide range of sizes from S to 3XL.

The women’s line consists of fun and playful tops, bottoms, bodysuits and costumes. Some of their featured designs include hologram rave booty shorts, rave rompers, alien inspired designs and strappy tops and bottoms. They also have thigh highs, hosiery, fluffies, leg and body wraps and various types of outerwear. They also offer light up footwear just like the men’s line.

The women’s rave apparel comes in so many different colors and prints that you’ll have a hard time choosing just one. You can mix and match the different tops, bottoms and other designs to cater to your individual EDM style. Many of the women’s clothing from iHeartRaves are made with spandex and other flexible materials so that you can easily dance and groove to the music while looking fabulously fashionable. Choosing which one to wear is half the fun.

iHeartRaves also sells different rave accessories like blankets, bags and backpacks, hats, light up accessories, masks, bandanas and many more! Accessories include face jewels, butterfly wings, body chains, arms wraps, fun headbands and even temporary tattoos. There are also glasses with kaleidoscope and LED lights for a fun and unique look.

They also sell light up accessories for LED lights enthusiasts like Brian. Brian’s love for LED lighted accessories also lead him to start a company company called Emazing Lights which sells his signature LED gloves, orbits and other lighted rave gear. Emazing Lights also sell lighted toys, lamps and other lighted rave gears. Check them out at www.emazinglights.com.

iHeartRaves blankets are made with your comfort in mind. They are made with 100% microfiber fleece so you can keep warm during a cold music festival. They are exclusively designed by the iHeartRaves team too. The blankets come in 50” tall by 60” wide size. Its big enough to cover you and your partner for a great snuggle while listening to music at a festival. You can also use it for other things like picnics, day out at the park or at the beach and blankets at home.

iHeartRaves also offer special seasonal designs for Halloween and other fun events. You can use their costumes and rave apparel to go trick or treating, and attend costume parties. You’ll be sure to stand out from all the other costumes with your fluffies, rainbow inspired dyed clothing and other fun rave gear that’s not available in just any regular store. Some of their costumes and seasonal clothing get sold really fast so you better grab those gear.

If you are feeling sexy and adventurous you can go out wearing one of their many pasties design under sheer or fishnet style clothing. You can also stick them on top of your regular clothes to add fun details to it. Prior to using the pasties, its best to do a test patch on other parts of your body to ensure that you are not allergic to the adhesive used. Pasties are sold in pairs.

iHeartRaves also caters to couples who want to wear matching or coordinating rave gear as well. You and your partner can look stylish together while you enjoy great music. If you are unattached or simply want to have fun with your friends, you can also go out with matching outfits for a fun night out in town.

Some of iHeartRaves’ clothes are great for having some fun with your lover. They sell sexy booty shorts and eye popping outfits and costumes that spell fun and adventurous. Seduce your partner with mesmerizingly sexy rave wear any time you want.

You can also use your iHeartRave’s clothing during a day out at the beach or at a pool. The sexy bodysuits can double as bathing suits. The halter tops, bikini bottoms and spandex bras can be used for swimming or sun bathing. Just be ready for some unusual tan lines. Some of the designs of iHeartRaves’ tops and bottoms feature intricate laser cut designs.

Affordability and Shopping Convenience

iheartraves apparel blanket

The best thing that many of iHeartRaves’ customers love about the clothes and accessories is most probably the price. Many of the apparel sold on the iHeartRaves website are less than $100. If you order more than $200 worth of merchandise you can get free shipping. That’s so much value for your money. Most of the clothes are also sold as separates so you can use them to match your other clothes or buy matching sets. You can buy only tops or bottoms or both.

Most of iHeartRaves products are handmade so shipping will take longer in some cases. If you have a rave to go to soon its best to buy well in advance so that it arrives on your doorstep before your event. They also have some items on hand so if you can’t wait for your rave gear you can filter for “ready to ship” items from their website. The iHeartRaves’ website is easy to navigate. You can easily filter for price, size, print, brand and style. You can also sort by latest styles so that you can easily see what’s new. You can track your order using their website and view other shipping information as well. Their customer service team is also ready and available to help you should you have any problem with your rave gear. They offer hassle free returns for some items sold on their site like blankets and bags.

iHeartRaves clothing caters not just to rave enthusiasts but to anyone who enjoys fashion. They make fun and stylish clothes that you can wear even during regular days. Their designs range from whimsical to out of this world which can help bring out your unique taste and style. Head on over to the iHeartRaves website at www.iheartraves.com and find your next rave gear here. iHeartRaves is your one stop shop for all your rave gear needs.

Imagine swaying to the songs of both famous and up and coming artists along with twenty thousand other people in an open field. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of being free to dance and celebrate music garbed in your iHeartRaves apparel and accessories.