Movies about Electronic Music That You Won’t Want to Miss

Electronic music movies capture the carefree feelings that exist at immeasurable dance events. Enjoy the story and put away your pre-conceived notions about the culture. Just enjoy the music and the underlining stories.

Under the Electric Sky


Under the Electric Sky takes you on a magical journey with 300,000 attendees of Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas in 2013. This movie will give you dazzling pyrotechnics; DJs illuminated by LED lights, acrobats, lasers shows and amusement park rides that rival any ride you have every visited.

Under the Electric Sky is a 3D documentary or maybe an advertisement for EDM that gives you lights, colors, bass-thumping tracks and animated DJs. You might see photogenic females that are barely-dressed and dancing to the EDM beats. Then, again, in Under the Electric Sky you might recognize loneliness and longing to be part of a movement.

Under the Electric Sky interviews EDM lovers Sadie, Jose, beer drinking buddies from Massachusetts, polyamorous partiers, two long-distance lovers, and a surprising older rave couple. Sadie is a bullied teen from Texas who is, so anxiety ridden that you wonder if she is real. Jose is wheelchair bound. He loves EDM so much he claims it has changed his life. The beer-loving buddies from Massachusetts party-hardy in the name of a recently deceased friend. There are the groups of oversexed partiers who are dedicated to eating, sleeping, raving, and repeating lifestyle. Two long-distance lovers reunite for one weekend together. The veteran rave couple marries at an Electric Dance Music event after living together for more than 20 years.

You will either love or hate this documentary. If you are a music lover it will be fascinating, but if you hate this type of crowded, almost mythical party – just watch the colors and listen to the music.

I am Hardwell

I am Hardwell

I Am Hardwell is a documentary filmed by videographer Robin Piree. He followed for over two and a half years, Robert van de Corput’s, better known by his stage name Hardwell, meteoric rise to fame. Piree extensively filmed the DJ/producer’s growth from being a go-getter artist to an international superstar. Look inside Hardwell and the rare story behind this dance music marvel. Watch as Hardwell’s success grows in leaps and bounds. If you had no idea what EDM DJ/Producers do, I AM HARDWELL will give you a perspective of EDM artists you did not know existed. They are hardworking, over energetic dynamos who eat, drink and sleep dance music. They are also sensitive people who have heartbreaks and joys just like everyone else.

Leave the World Behind


Leave the World Behind (released in 2014) documents Axel Hedfors, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello. Christian Larson follows Swedish House Mafia on their last tour before they split up. The footage from One Last Tour documents the emotions hidden behind the faces of these three friends as they play to sold out crowds and put on a show of a lifetime.

The movie is a divorce story that chronicles the group’s break up. There is no digging too deep into the actual reasons, but viewers can read between the lines. You can see it on the faces of Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello. Each member had lives of their own and solo careers. Not all the players live in Sweden, and they have wives and children who contributed to the break up. The movie chronicles the stress and expectations of being a headlining group as well as trying to focus on their private lives. The end result? They were no longer friends who could work together.

The Drop: The EDM Culture Explosion


The Drop: The EDM Culture Explosion takes you on a magical journal that shows you how electronic dance music has taken off. The transition from underground music and movement to mainstream fame has not happened quickly. The first real rage for EDM was in 2012 after a long career starting in smoky nightclubs.

EDM is the hottest music ticket in town since Hip Hop came together in the late 90s. EDM’s shift into the spotlight has brought on a new critical look at this music genre. As EDM evolves different varieties integrated into electronic productions. This movie chronicles where EMD is going and theories on how it will turn out.

Drop explores this cultural phenomenon from the artists to the fans as well as the industry. EDM isn’t going anywhere. It defines today’s generation but brings together the ravers, hip hoppers and rock n’ roll fans of years ago. Awesome movie to see if you are living in the dark ages and have no idea of where this music is going.

Maestro: The History of House Music & NYC Club Culture


Maestro: The History of House Music & NYC Club Culture is a documentary and a history of electronic music scene. If you have no idea what house music is or not sure why people love this genre, watch the documentary.  A light will go off in your mind and your soul once you see where this music genre came from and where it is going. Pay attention to the social construction that brings house music fans into an acceptance of all races, sexual orientations and ages. Legends with house music legends like Frankie Knuckles and Larry Levan will give you a better insight into dance music. Worth watching.

Idris Elba’s How Clubbing Changed the World


Idris Elba’s How Clubbing Changed the World explores clubbing’s beginnings from a counter-cultural movement to a multi-billion dollar business. Twenty-five years after rave, there is a new generation of British DJs and producers who are at the beginning of a global musical change. From dubstep to trance, EDM is now the most sought after musical genre in the world. This film reveals how British nightclubs changed Britain and influenced societies around the globe.

Listen to anecdotes from David Guetta, Armand van Helden, Nile Rodgers, and will.i.am. How Clubbing Changed the World is an international film and moves beyond the music to see why clubbing’s influence has changed fashion, politics, drinks industry and drug use. Clubbing is no longer a counter-cultural movement it is well, just dance.