MØ Announces Her New Surprising Collaboration

After her amazing collaboration with Major Lazer, MØ recently shared a Tweet about her upcoming collaboration with, guess who? Of course, the answer is Jack Ü, the amazing Skrillex and Diplo’s duo.

Shortly before she announced this new collaboration, MØ teased a track called “Kamikaze,” she was working on with Diplo. This time, it seems that MØ is back in the studio with both Diplo and Skrillex and they are working on a track named “Ü Know.”

This new collaboration will, as you may guess, be amazing, just like the track. What we know for now is that “Ü Know” is an acoustic guitar flavored track. However, a lot of the song’s structure seems to be still missing.

Take a listen to the preview of Jack Ü featuring MØ’s new “Ü Know,” and judge for yourself.

P.S. The preview is not something you are probably expecting.