May I Introduce: Krewella

Yasmine Yousaf is one of the founding members of Krewella. Yasmine was born in 1992 and is listed a singer, songwriter, and rapper. Yasmine is a mixture of Pakistani, German and Lithuanian.

Jahan is the older sister, born in 1989, and met “Rain Man” at a frat party when she was only 16. Kris Trindl or “Rain Man’ is an American electronic dance music producer and is now a former member of Krewella.

Krewella began playing their brand of electro house and dubstep with influences of other EDM qualities in 2007. They waited until 2010 to release their first album. Krewella wanted the sound to be perfect.

The sister duo of Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf in collaboration with their producer Kris “Rain Man” Trindle, agreed in 2010, to give up their careers, schooling and future intentions. The pact was to dedicate all their time to their music careers. They worked hard at their craft and released in June 2012 the EP Play Hard. The album was #1 on Billboard’s Dance Radio Airplay list of best dance performers. The single related to this album was high on Pop Radio Airplay charts.

Krewella image 1

“Killin’ it” was Krewella first music video. “Killin’ it” is huge and exciting, and the upbeat video matches the heavy dubstep track. Krewella faultlessly merges melodies with roaring drops and harmonious lyrics. Nothing fits together so well as Krewella’s brand of EDM.

Performance sets bring tension and heart to Electronic Dance Music. Their music is contagious and with restless bass and treble and they find themselves in high demand. Krewella does not do just one style. They are diverse and use different genres and listings on all their albums.


Krewella presented at EDM festivals around the world including Spring Awakening, Electric Daisy Carnival, Stereosonic, and Ultra Music Festival. These live performances gave Krewella the title of 2012 International Dance Music “Best Breakthrough Artist.” At 2013’s performance at Ultra Music Festival 2013, Krewella was voted as the group to listen to; they are going to be huge. Their debut album Get Wet was in the Top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 200 in its very first week. Krewella teamed with Cash Cash to make their single “Life for the Night.”

You probably saw Krewella in the Super Bowl XLVIII halftime ad for Bud Light Beer. They performed parts of Enjoy the Ride from their album Get Wet. Bud’s advertisements are always memorable. This ad had more than one million views on its very first day.

Their awesome signature moves before every show? The put their hands together and chant: One, two, Three Troll”! This chant pumps up the group and gets their fans moving.


Krewella would love to perform with Knife Party, System of a Dow, Linkin’ Park and Kanye West.

News Flash! In 2014, Trindl claims he was unfairly ejected from the group. In retaliation, he is suing the sisters for $5,000,000. Trindl alleges his decision to enter alcohol rehab and stop parting was the key that forced him out of the group. Oh, and the fact that the Yousaf sisters wanted his third of the profits.

Jahan and Jasmine claim that there is much more to the story. Stay tuned.