Lunar Armbands: It Is Our Mission To Destroy The Glow Stick Empire

lunar armbands

Lunar Armbands

According to creators of Lunar Armbands, the best memories often happen between the hours of 12AM and 4AM from night bicycling, to urban exploration and hitting up the dance scene. That’s why back in 2012 when they were still fresh out of school and were looking to develop a product to enhance their Night Owls’ lifestyle, they came up with the product concept that later became Lunar Armbands. The product they they came up with combines all the strengths of the common night light solutions such as flashlights and glow stick while minimizing their downsides. LED lights used in Lunar Armbands ran through clear fiber optic type cables would light up just like a glow stick, last longer and aren’t filled with a toxic material.
It took very little time for the Lunar Armbands team to develop the concept into a full banded LED product that put innovation, quality, and customer service above all else. However it doesn’t mean that the team will ever be completely satisfied with its product. With a lust for perfection, they decided to put all their sales proceeds into product design and improvement. It was an easy decision for the team to sacrifice paychecks for improved power units, premium fabrics, and patented prototypes. The project of Lunar Bands is to constantly evolve and adapt to create an incredible solution oriented product that customers truly love and find inspiration in.
The current version of the armbands is brighter than glowsticks, has 100 hours of juice and 3 light settings (the slow blink, rapid blink, and constant light on). Bands’ battery life is pretty remarkable. If you use it for 30 minutes a day, the included batteries will last for over 6 months and can be easily replaced (CR2016 3Volt). The bands are made from lightweight nylon and soft velcro to ensure an attractive and non abrasive appearance as well as high degree of durability.

The team is currently working on a wristband concept. The initial tests has proved that wrtistbands will not be as efficient and durable, so they made the decision to focus on creating a band that can function as both an armband and a wristband.

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