Luna Shadows Reveals Official Cherry Music Video, Conquering The Mannequin Challenge

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Luna Shadows Reveals Official Cherry Music Video, Conquering The Mannequin Challenge – OUT NOW 11.16

From a sold-out debut show to a smooth and steady wave of  momentum following the release of her debut EP “Summertime,” Luna Shadows continues to captivate us with her latest music video for her critically-acclaimed smoky electronic power-ballad, Cherry. Directed by her go-to Echo Park collaborators, Ride or Cry Collective, with additional art direction from DTLA’s Production Club, the cinematic video concept was originally inspired by a lyric in the first verse: “Rest assured, I’m hanging from your lips/dancing in the stillness/while you’re killin’ this…” Filmed last month in otherworldly Joshua Tree desert landscapes just hours outside of Los Angeles, Luna’s world of total stillness arrives eerily in parallel with the viral #MannequinChallenge. 

The Cherry video further illustrates Luna’s mysterious aesthetic by trapping all characters (and Luna herself, from a distance) in their idle, melancholy realities. Held hostage by patience, loneliness, isolation, nativity, and the vague embers of helpless romances, the characters remain entirely motionless until a final rush of hope seeps into the final sky-high chorus. It’s a golden-hour masterpiece that showcases the dark, introspective side of Luna. The music video premiered today, Wednesday November 16th, 2016 via Nasty Galaxy, the NastyGal Blog.

Cherry is my favorite song from Summertime, so I wanted to make sure it was visually represented in a way that really brought the lyrics forward. Juxtaposition is a common theme in my music, especially in this song. We tried to create a tiny short film by photographing subtly sad, static moments, in a heartbreakingly beautiful, vibrant world.”
Luna Shadows

luna shadows
Larsen Sotelo

Luna Shadows is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/writer/producer running her own show in the City of Angels. As the star of said show, she’s typically responsible for the writing, performing, recording, producing, engineering and editing of her music, although she’s recently brought in a couple of mainstream indie pop co-producers, Brad Hale and Thom Powers of the respective bands Now Now and The Naked and Famous, to help shoulder the load. Even the brightest, most upbeat Luna Shadows song carries a hint of romantic melancholy. She describes her artistic ambitions as a lifelong dare that, “sounded pretty fun” and brought order to the emotional chaos of everyday life. The end product, made in garages and bedrooms under the palm trees of Echo Park, sounds a bit like Ellie Goulding took Lana del Rey to the beach.

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