Liz Garard


OccupationProgramming Coordinator at Bkstg



Before she started being a part of the EDM world, Liz (Elizabeth) Garard graduated from Vanderbilt University, majoring in marketing and women’s studies.
Nowadays, she is the President and Founder of Nap Girls and lives in Los Angeles. She is also the Programming Coordinator at BKSTG. You may have heard of Nap Girls when Skrillex shouted them out on National Women’s Day last year.
What “started as a kind of joke” when Liz “sent a bunch of friends a Snapchat asking if they wanted to join her gang” is now an international, membership-based non-profit foundation. Nap Girls’ only goal is to provide support for female artists and to be a career and mentorship resource, as well. The reason why Liz decided to even start a ‘group’ like this was her inability to find a job the music industry in L.A. despite her major.