Light Up Shoes by Electric Styles: Are They Worth It?

light up shoes

Standing Out In a Party Crowd

Light Up Shoes

If you’ve been to a rave or to a festival before, then you know it’s not just about the music, the dancing and the people that matters. It’s also about what people are wearing. When there are hundreds or thousands of people dancing to the music, you’d want to get noticed. Wearing a pair of light up shoes might do the trick of getting the attention.

You can buy a pair of these party shoes from different stores but deciding which one to choose can be difficult. You can try to focus on one product first and check its reviews. I’ve done some research work and here is one product that you might consider.

The Light Up LED Shoes by Electric Styles

Product Overview

Light Up Shoes

Among the first original glow party shoes popularized by Electric Styles, the pair sports the basic features of light up shoes and some additional ones as well. Electric Styles is an online shop that specializes in making and selling party gears such as LED Ties, Light Up Fur, Light Up Costumes, EL-Wire Bras and of course, LED Shoes.

The company behind the LED Shoes have years of experience but this model of light up shoes is one of their oldest designs. Here are some pros and cons if you choose to get this classic shoe.


  • Multiple light colors
  • Different color changing modes
  • Waterproof lights
  • 60-day warranty


  • Unsynchronized lighting with left and right shoes
  • Shorter battery life when using multiple colors


These LED shoes are basic glow party shoes. If you’re looking for shoes that light up in different colors and lets you dance for a couple of hours , then these shoes would do just fine.

Available Sizes

The shoes are intended for parties and all ages can party. The shoes come in sizes for kids, teenagers and adults, and for men and women.

  • For the kids, the sizes are from 1 to 7.
  • For the men’s, the sizes are from 7 to 15.
  • For the women’s, the sizes are from 6 to 12.

Key Features

Light Up Shoes

  • Fabric and synthetic materials – The shoes are made from fabric and synthetic materials which give it that classic party shoe look.
  • Comes in black, white, grey, or navy blue – The color shoes (not the lights) come in black, white, grey or navy blue in black. Black and white are the most popular choices.
  • 7 steady colors and 5 color changing modes – The LED lights of the shoes can operate in RGB color or in full-spectrum of the rainbow by combining the basic colors. The battery life of the shoes is longer when you set it for three colors only. The lights are already programmed with 5 color changing modes that you can choose from.
  • Maximum of 6 hours light up life – As mentioned earlier, you can extend the battery life of the shoes by selecting the RGB mode of the lights. The shoes can last up to 6 hours for every full-charge of the batteries
  • Comes with USB charger – The batteries of the lights are recharged using a USB cable that comes with the shoes when you buy them.

Customer Reviews

“I give it a 4. These shoes are perfect for the glow parties that I go to. When I first got them, I thought they were amazing. They have some slight problems though. The timing of the lights on both shoes are not synchronized and so, I have to reset it a couple of times.” -Adam Fisher-Titus

“I love these shoes. They last for 3-5 hours after you fully charge them for a couple of hours. They’re really bright and the color change patterns are really cool. I can dance comfortably in them. I’ve worn them to some parties and people are just chasing me asking about my shoes. You will really get a lot of attention.” – Jon

“I bought these for my 14-year old daughter to her dance and they were a hit. At least 20 people approached us asking where we got the shoes. Unfortunately, on the third day after the purchase, one shoe was not working anymore and the other had problems with its lights.” – Flyer

“I bought two pairs of these shoes for my kids and they worked fine on the first day of use, but after a week, one shoe stopped working and the other shoe won’t charge. For the second pair, it didn’t last for three days. The LED lights won’t light up. I had to return both pairs of shoes which left my kids really disappointed.” – MFTallada

Popular Alternative

Pink Martini LED Shoes

Another popular company that produces LED Shoes is Helen’s Pinkmartini. Their shoes are made from cotton which users say make it really comfortable.

The LED lights also come in 7 different colors although there are more options for the color of the shoes compared to the Electric Sky shoes. They can come in gold, red, and side aside from black, white, blue, and grey. However, the design of the shoes are different. They look bulkier because the shoes have a high cut design.

Based on user reviews, the Helen’s Pinkmartini has similar problems; one shoe seems to stop working on the second or third for a number of people who’ve bought them.

Frequently Asked Questions

The shoes can be bought at Amazon or at the Electric Styles website. Both shopping options provide a 24-hour delivery service and 60-day warranty.

When the shoes are charging, they will light up green and when they’re done, the lights will change to red. The sizes of the shoes run half a size smaller and it would be best to choose a size half smaller than what you normally have to get a pair that fits you best.

The LED lights are waterproof, so the shoes can be worn when it’s raining or at parties where there’s water.

Final Verdict

The light up shoes by Electric Styles are the shoes that you are looking for if you want to stand out in a crowd. They light up bright and colorful which is really what you need from a pair of glow shoes. If you have a knack at taking good care of products, then these shoes will surely last long. If you’re convinced, like I am, about this product, then get it now for your next party.