Laidback Luke to compete in Kung Fu World Championship

Source: Press Release

 Lucas van Scheppingen will compete in Hong Kong from March 17-19

He will participate in Tai Chi and Kung Fu: Straight-Sword, Fan and Bo-Staff

Together with dominating the world of dance music, Lucas van Scheppingen once again sets his sights on the Kung Fu World Championship in Hong Kong fromMarch 17-19.

If you didn’t know about his impressive sideline in martial arts, this may come as quite a shock—but Lucas has been competing at this top level for years, winning multiple medals at championships across the world. It’s all part of his commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and it keeps him in top condition when faced with the rigors of his touring schedule.

Lucas will participate as part of the Hong Ying International Pro-Team, and will travel with his coach Mark. He will participate in three tai chi sections and three kung fu sections including Straight-Sword, Fan and Bo-Staff, showing his versatility across both disciplines.

At the 2013 Championship, Lucas won an impressive haul of medals:

Gold: Two Man Kung Fu set

Gold: Kung Fu Staff Form

Gold: Kung Fu Broadsword Form

Gold: Kung Fu Hand Form

Silver: Kung Fu Animal Form

Lucas is honoured to be a part of this world-famous, prestigious tournament once again in which over 10,000 people take part from across the globe. Good luck to our favourite Superhero!

Photo credits: Ruud Baan


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