King Tutting: The Basics

King tutting is a part of the gloving culture which was brought into the spotlight relatively short time ago. And now of course it is really hard to imagine that there was the time when people did not know it existed.

Do you remember those old pictures of the Egyptian people with still angled arms? King tutting was named after them. Was is created then? Well, no one knows for sure, but most likely – not. And it definitely was not mainstream then.

AnglishDevil tutting

Basically, all you have to do is to create 90 degree angles with your hands – just like them – around an imaginary cube, or a box. Your cube can be of any size, and you can move along the grid that you keep in mind in any direction. That is the basic grid. If you isolate some part of the grid that you are creating – that is an isolation. You pick one point on the grid and avoid it when tutting. Another type of the isolation – the hinge, when the isolation point is the elbow, or the wrist.

So what to do for the starters? First is, of course, to practice. You want your tuts to be neat and clean. For them being clean, you have to maintain strict 90 degree angles of your wrists and elbows. There are tons of different exercises to help you to strengthen your muscles and achieve the right amount of flexibility to shape the necessary angles. You may start rehearsing from opening and closing ‘the box’ with the angles formed by your wrists and elbows. It is better to do it in from of the mirror, so you will make sure that you are making something looking like a box, and ‘cleaning’ your moves at once. Soon enough your muscles will remember how they are supposed to move, and you will be improving all the time.


Second, to look for inspiration all the time. You can watch tutorials online, or get inspired during the show time. That will burst your creativity, and will push out your boundaries and inner restrictions. Even if in the beginning you are just mimicking  someone else’s moves, time will come and you will find your way on the tutting stage. Also experiment! Try new tricks and moves, improve what you have seen and create new patterns. You will never know what you are capable of until you try it by yourself. And the sooner you try it, and the more you try – the sooner you know! Makes sense?

Tutters sometimes resemble the professional magicians: how they move their hands, those shapes and cosmic plasticity charm and enchant everyone regardless you see it on your monitor, or during the show. And the thing is – most of those guys are nice and so down-to-earth. You can always ask their advice and guidance, online or after the event. Be brave, and try king tutting – you will love it!