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Escape in Hybrid of Future Bass & Pop

Kicks N Licks are back with yet another ethereal masterpiece, “Tribal,” featuring the lovely Colorado based singer, Adara. What started as just a few chords, evolved into a pop fueled serenade that is breaking the barriers of what we know as bass infused vocal pop today. From catchy synths to uplifting melodies, Tribal is a sonic representation of embracing the beat of your own drum and just letting life run free. Having already received direct support from The Chainsmokers in their “Nice Hair” podcast, Tribal is en route to populate itself amongst the ears of both bass and pop enthusiasts alike. Tribal was premiered exclusively via Dancing Astronaut on Monday, November 14th and is available to stream or purchase on most major music platforms.

Tribal is the second song we have done with Adara and it’s definitely not the last! The simple, uplifting melody along with Adara’s big, pop influenced vocals made “Tribal” a really fun song for us to work on. ” 

-Kicks N Licks

“I believe we all have an inner warrior. It takes courage to let that out and society may not understand it, but I say, beat your drum anyway and embrace your own wildness” 


Kicks N Licks

Kicks n Licks
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California is known for constantly producing musical innovators, which is no different for melodic bass duo, Kicks N Licks (KNL). This musical partnership between Andy Joplin and Jerrod Jordan, formed years ago and has coalesced into an endlessly creative force both in the studio and in live settings. Currently undergoing through an enlightening transition, Kicks N Licks is not changing their authentic sound, rather evolving their unique vision and passion. With the combination of diverse musical backgrounds including classical piano, drums and hip hop production, along with influences from an array of various genres of music,  Kicks N Licks amplifies low end magic with a unique twist that is innovative its musical disguise. Consistently bringing to light their grand cumulative musical efforts that have been garnered over the past 5 years, Kicks N Licks manage to provide a soundtrack made of feels on all levels for their fans and peers alike.

With a diverse skill set and a stretch of musical accolades including millions of plays on both Soundcloud and Youtube, it is safe to say that Kicks N Licks have cemented themselves in all aspects across the melodic bass world. Striving to make music that connects with you on an emotional level, the guys are embodying songwriting and treating it as a core element instead of just an accessory to their tunes. For Kicks N Licks it is all about kicking things into full gear so put your seatbelt on and brace yourself as the wave of momentum grows exponentially.

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Adara is a true artist and storyteller. Her intergalactic, electronic pop will teleport you to a neighboring galaxy. As a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, dancer and fashionista, she is inspired by her vivid imagination and free spirit.  

In a genre saturated in conformity and bounded by society’s popular expectations, Adara is breaking free.  She seamlessly blends a rare combination of true musicality and exceptional vocals with flawless production.  Join Adara on this journey and experience, for yourself, the next era of electronic and pop music.

Her sound has landed her features with the likes of LTN, Estiva, Hazem Beltagui, Club Banditz, and DJ Shogun. Her music has already been featured on Armada Records, Enhanced Music, Universal, and Future Sounds of Egypt. Her trance songs have repeatedly been played on A State of Trance and have received support from many top DJs.

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