Ken Bauer teams up with Alchemorph for their first common track ‘Breaking Free’

Breaking Free is their first collaboration on a completely new track and started out as an idea by Alchemorph and was then worked on together with Ken. ”Internet is great for musical collaboration ”, says Alchemorph. We sent the track between us until both were happy and it turned out very well and has already received great feedback from DJs and the EDM community since it works very well on both the dancefloor and the radio. The track and title is literay all about breaking free. Breaking free from the stress and all the musts out there. Sometimes you have to just take a step back and take care of your self. The strong female vocal in the breakdown brings all the other peaces together and it feels that someone is indeed breaking free.

The collaboration between Ken Bauer & Alcemorph:
Ken & Alchemorph has never met in person but become friends on a musical forum for musical creativity on the net and starting their collaboration with a remix of a track released during 2015 – All I Need. The track which ended up as a Chill Out remix was well received and picked up by several playlists including big names such as Armada Music.

The future:
Even though both producers are working on their own tracks they have plans for more tracks together and are currently looking for a female singer for their next batch of tracks so if you are one or happen to know one they encourage you to reach out to them.

Well, we can’t wait to see what the future brings for this duo. And rest assure we will keep you up to date here at Plur Baes.

Ken Bauer
Swedish producer Ken Bauer is currently pushing his way into the spotlight with a string of House & EDM releases. During 2015 Ken has gone onto releasing several records, many going straight into the Swedish Dance Top 40 charts and gaining heavyweight DJ support as well as from FM and Internet radio.
Multi talented producer Alchemorph currently based in Manchester UK has recently debuted into the EDM scene. In the end of 2015 he released his successful Chillout remix of All I Need together with Swedish producer Ken Bauer. In 2016 he continues his collaboration with Ken Bauer releasing the hit Breaking Free. In addition Alchemorph is working solo to release his own tracks blending beautiful Chillout landscapes with a more upfront EDM sound.