Katie Bain


OccupationSenior Editor at Beatport



You’ve heard of Beatport, right? It is an EDM-oriented online music store. Originally, the company is based in Denver. But, they have offices in L.A., San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Berlin. Primarily, they are oriented towards DJs by selling songs and resources DJs can use for remixes.
An important part of the Beatport team is Katie Bain. She is the Senior Editor at Beatport. Her task is to oversee the news site and add interesting stories regarding the EDM world, music, and culture.
Before Bain joined Beatport, she worked at Insomniac as a part of the editorial team. There, she wrote about EDM and covered festivals around the world. She was also the Senior Music Writer at LA Weekly, and she worked with The Huffington Post for some time.