Japanese LED Skirt Design


Picking an everyday outfit can be sometimes really hard for girls. If this task is hard, then boys can’t even imagine how hard it is to get ready for a special event, such as any EDM concert or other event. Every girl wants to have that special item which will make her look unique, and perfect for such event. Well girls, we have great news for you. The Japanese have launched skirts with LEDs. Yes, it does sound weird, but once you see the pictures you will love them!

Will Skirts with LEDs Become New Fashion Hit?

Nowadays, fashion and technology can’t survive without each other. First of all, fashion needs technology when it comes to creating and coming up with new designs. But also, on certain EDM events sexy dancers were seen rocking those LED fitted skirts. These skirts were nowhere to be found, until the Japanese created DIY skirts with LEDs. Take a look at them!







A new fashion trend that was invented in Japan enabled girls from all over the world to wear skirts that were never seen before. Japanese people consider thighs as “absolute territory” which means sexually attractive. That is why they made skirts with LEDs; to emphasize the thighs. Not only will you be the only one wearing a skirt with LEDs, but you will also look amazing!

Skirts with LEDs were originally designed by Kiyoyuki Amano. She used a 3D printer, Bluetooth and a control boar to create one of the latest fashion hits. This skirt is expected to be exported in large numbers this year.

Girls, worry no more! The perfect outfit for EDM events has finally been invented! Make sure to get yours soon (before everybody else does).