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Rave Bra DIY

 Rave Bra DIY Tutorials by #Insta_Rave

What’s the first thing that comes to mind if you think about EDM fashion?

Well, if you are a guy, you probably going to answer a pair of slick LED shades… or a muscle tank top… or, perhaps, no shirt at all. Just a buffed upper body for everyone to see.

But,in case you are a girl, you are likely to think about something special. Something that you can see at festivals all the time, but it’s still extremely unlikely to spot two same pieces of this kind of garment.

I am talking about rave bras. You’ve definitely seen them before. In fact, you probably own one or considering buying it or making it yourself.

Rave bras come in all shapes and colors. Just to name a few, rave bra designs include the following themes: Greek Goddess, Om, Gilded Lotus, Mermaid, Butterfly, Skeleton Hands, Harley Quinn, Alice in Wonderland, Alien, Fairy and many others.

Rave Bras not only look beautiful, they also help to express individuality of their owner and to stand out from the crowd.

There are dozens if not hundreds of great rave bra designers who either sell their products in their own stores or who collaborate with larger EDM fashion brands such as iHeartRaves.

Of many rave bra designers, Insta_Rave always goes the extra mile to make sure that everyone who goes to raves look stunningly beautiful. In addition to selling great rave bras, insta_Raves takes time to create mind blowing step-by-step tutorials on how to make rave bras. You can watch Insta_Rave’s work flow from the very beginning to the finished product.

So, if you ever thought about making a unique rave bra that will match your personality, you should consider checking out Insta_Rave’s tutorials. At the same time, if you are not into crafts but still want to rock a fabulous bra at the next festival you are planning to attend then you can choose from one of the styles that Insta_Rave offers in the online store.

Tutorial #1: Flowery White Rave Bra DIY by Insta_Raves

This Youtube tutorial will teach you how to make Flowery White Bra decorated with variety of crystals,flowers,butterfly at home!

You will need the following tools: Hot Glue, Spray Glue, Scissors, and Small Sticks.

Step 1: Spray glue over the surface of the bra.

Step 2: Spread glister over the top.

Step 3: Attach the lace using hot glue.

Step 4: Add crystals along the lace.

Step 5: Add flowers, leaves, stones, and other decorations.

Tutorial #2: Fallen Angel Rave Bra DIY by Insta_Raves

Step-by steps instruction for creating one of the most beautiful rave bras out there.

Tutorial #3: Fire & Diamond Rave Bra DIY by Insta_Raves

The red glossy fabric inspired by burning fire, with shining diamonds and laces sewed on, to ensure it’s style and durability. It is definitely a piece of craft that meets a high standard quality.


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