Hula Hooping? Yes, You Can!

Remember those days when we used to play with hula hoops on the playgrounds?

We were whirling or just sliding from one to another.

Remember how we all tried to repeat all the amazing stunts that the professional gymnasts performed with hula hoops on our TV screens? It looked so beautiful and completely flawless.

Even though our careless childhood years are long gone (but not forgotten), it doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun with the hoops anymore.

Looking at the skilled hoopers at the rave festivals, it seems as if they were born with the innate hooping talent.

LED Hoops glowing in the dark and flowing magic seem to be the extension of those dancers. They seem so confident and perfect in what they are doing – you start to helplessly wonder if you could learn to become at least comfortable with the hoop. What the professional hoopers say is that there are no boundaries of what you can do with the hoop. The only limiting factors are your imagination and how much you spend to master your skills. There comes a point when you start feeling the hula hoop and it makes all barriers between you and it vanish.

Besides hooping being just beautiful, it has some awesome ‘side effects’, which are by all means benefits. If we are talking about physical effects – it tones your body, massages organs, improves your muscles’ memory, coordination, balance and flexibility. Turning hula hoop is a great workout, which increases your energy level and boosts your metabolism. If we concentrate on the emotional and spiritual benefits, hooping restores mind and body connection, helps you to discover your inner self, and gives you the feeling of freedom. It is a sort of meditation that helps you concentrate, relax and overcome some mental obstacles at the same time.

Photo by: Hyperion Hoop

Can you become a hooper? Yes, absolutely! But the main thing is to practice. A lot. There might be even a day in your life when you get tired of being hit in the face all the time, and think that it is all a waste of time. That will be an exact moment before that exclusive feeling of the magic comes. It does not matter, what your gender is, how tall or short you are, what your age or weight is. Everyone can do it, and patience is the key. But it is so worth is, and soon enough you will be able to see it by yourself, moreover – show your newly obtained to the other people.

Being a hooper will definitely help you attract a lot of attention at the festival and make new friends. It will also make you part of the hooper community. Your fellow hoopers will help you to make the first steps and learn the basics.  Whirling one hoop, or ten, LED-lighted, or neon painted, alone, or with five other hoopers will bring you unforgettable emotions and experience.