Party Essentials: Helen’s Pinkmartini Light Up Shoes

helen's pinkmartini LED shoes

Helen’s Pinkmartini Light Up Shoes: The Sports Sneakers You Can Party On

Grabbing Everyone’s Attention

Helen’s Pinkmartini Light Up Shoes

When you’re in a party, a dance festival, or in any special event, the best way to have fun is to dance, be noticed, and meet new people. Wearing the right gear such as a pair of light up shoes may just turn you into a crowd standout with their dazzling bright lights that flash and change color.

These shoes are also called LED shoes because the lights are made out of LED. Although the remarkable thing about them are the lights, LED shoes are still shoes and when shopping for a pair, you consider aesthetics, comfort, price, and in most cases, the features.

I’ve pulled up some information regarding a popular pair of glow shoes to help you decide if want to get them or not.

Light Up High Top Sports Sneakers by Helen’s Pinkmartini

Product Overview

The most recent designs for LED shoes include the high top sneaker design. Helen’s Pinkmartini has joined this trend and produced a pair of LED shoes which is not just a pair of party sneakers with high top design but also a sports sneakers made from chosen materials.

Helen’s Pinkmartini is a company based in China and has produced a line of LED shoes for some time. With this particular pair, here are some pros and cons.


  • Made from comfortable and durable materials
  • Designed to be worn for excessive movements
  • Bright LED lights with multiple colors and different light changing modes
  • Waterproof lights

First Impression

Helen’s Pinkmartini Light Up Shoes

The shoes are good-looking even without the lights on. It’s cheap but made to be worn for parties. Some lights are easier to break than others but the company sends out battery packs for you to repair your own shoes.

If you really want a pair of light up shoes to become the center of attention in the next parties you attend, and you’re willing to wait and repair the shoes on your own if you have to, then these shoes will do just fine.

Available Sizes and Colors

The shoe-sizes are for men although it comes in small sizes that can fit kids’ feet and the design is considered unisex.  The sizes run half a size smaller so you have to choose the size that is half a size bigger than what you normally have. Here are the sizes:

  • US Sizes: 4, 4.5, 5.5, 6, 7, 7.5, 8.5, 9, 10, 10.5, 11, 12
  • EU Sizes: 35 to 49

You can choose from many different colors for the shoes. Here are the options:

  • Black
  • Black – 01 (Pale)
  • Gold
  • Gold – 01 (Dark)
  • Red
  • White
  • White – 02 (Dark)
  • Blue and White
  • Pink and White
  • Silver
  • Silver – 01 (Dark)
  • Blue
  • Rose

Key Features

Helen’s Pinkmartini Light Up Shoes

  • Material: The shoes are made from Polyurethane leather on the outside and cotton on the inside. The soles are rubber and are slip and abrasion resistant.
  • Lights: The lights are made from LED with seven different colors (red, blue, green, turquoise, yellow, purple, and white). Inside the shoes is a switch that is practically hidden between the first two eyelets of the laces. You can select a color changing pattern for the LED lights, from steady, to fast-blinking, to color fade, and more. The lights are also well-protected against water and have been through waterproofing test.
  • Design: The shoes have a classic sneaker look. It has a high top design with a lace-up closure that helps wearing and taking off the shoes easier.
  • Battery: It takes 3 to 4 hours to fully charge the batteries for the lights. The shoes come with USB cables that you can connect to the shoes directly. Fully charged batteries allow the lights to stay on for 8 to 10 hours.

Customer Reviews

The shoes average a rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars in Amazon. Here are what the buyers had to say:

“My daughter really likes the shoes. It took a while before they arrived. They did not come with any directions but we were able to work them perfectly.” –Amazon Customer

“My wife is a dance instructor and I bought these for her. She had used them for her glow parties and they were great. The only thing is that they were a bit small for her size.” –Michael A. Jones

“I’ve read that the shoes run half a size smaller so I ordered a 9 since I’m a size 8.5. They were a perfect fit! They’re really bright and looks really well made. They even arrived earlier than the expected date.” –Danny

“After a week, one of the shoes stopped working. I sent an email to the email and they responded telling my they’d ship a new battery module. After a few weeks, it arrived and I was able to get the shoe working again.” –teknikal2

“When I got them, they were working fine but after 10 minutes, the other shoe broke. The switch stopped working and the only colors I could switch are for the other shoe. Disappointed.” –Stacie Barcus

“There are two LED lights on one of the shoes that give the wrong color.” –Anthony

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do I have to wait until the shoes arrive?
A: It takes at least 10 days and a maximum of 16 days for the shoes to arrive from China to the US.

Q: How do I change the colors of the lights?
A: There is a switch hidden on the eyelets on the shoe that you can easily reach and press.

Q: Can I still wear the shoes on winters?
A: Yes, the PU material of the shoes keep it from becoming stiff and hard during the cold weather.

Q: How much does the shoe cost?
A: You can get the shoes starting at $25 dollars on Amazon.

Final Verdict

Helen’s Pinkmartini Light Up Shoes

The Light Up High Top Sports Sneakers by Helen’s Pinkmartini is a good pair of light up shoes if you’re looking for a classic LED shoes that’s cheap, easy to operate, and fairly durable. If the information I provided here are enough to satisfy you to get the shoes, then go right ahead!