Electric Forest 2017 Will Offer 2 Festival Weekends

electric forest 2017

Electric Forest 2017

Today, Electric Forest 2017 organizers made an announcement that it will expand to two weekends of the beloved festival at the Double JJ Ranch in Rothbury, Michigan.

The festival will take place June 22–June 25 and June 29–July 2, 2017 Electric Forest released information about this “Intimate Expansion of Community” on its website this morning.

The last year’s festival sold out again in record time – just two weeks after tickets went on sale – Electric Forest has decided to move to offer two unique, back to back weekends to nurture the evolution and growth of the Electric Forest community while honoring the much cherished Electric Forest experience.

Madison House Presents and Insomniac (Electric Forest 2017 producers) hope that expanding the festival will allow the EF community to participate in more ideas, invite more friends, and continue contributing to the next chapter of Electric Forest together.

Immediately after each year of Electric Forest I dream of what it can become in the future. There is not a formula. We do not try to match the past. Instead, we challenge ourselves to raise the bar while writing a new chapter. Our collective goal is to propel creative experimentation and cultural exploration. By combining the past, present, and ideas for the future, Electric Forest can take a new and exciting form each year.Jeremy Stein


About Electric Forest

Each summer, just as anticipation for Electric Forest reaches fever pitch, tens of thousands of fans – traveling from all parts of the country, and the world, gather at the Double JJ Ranch in Rothbury, Michigan for the music & camping adventure of a lifetime. Excitement for Electric Forest has never been greater, with the festival selling out before the lineup was announced, just a mere two weeks after tickets went on sale.

Entering its seventh year, Electric Forest is known for bringing together a passionate group of fans whose shared community spirit makes the festival a truly unique experience. The festival incorporates the natural beauty of the venue into carefully crafted art pieces and creatively themed environments, while colorful interactive characters and storylines blend with eclectic performing artists and musicians.