Diplo’s Bio – The Artist and The Man

diplo biography
Photo: Diplo Facebook

Diplo’s Bio – The Artist and The Man

Thomas Wesley Pentz is better known publicly as Diplo, is a song writer, record producer, a record executive, and American DJ. The name “Diplo” is short for diplodocus, which reflects the man’s childhood fascination for dinosaurs.

He is regarded as one of the best, not to mention richest, DJs in the world. He even landed on the cover of Billboard magazine for their June 9, 2016 issue. Nevertheless, his sound is chiefly home grown and is definitely influenced the music scene in his childhood.

He has built his career and fame mainly through his talents as a DJ and as a producer. Adding to his fame, he has collaborated with other popular artists today such as Snoop Dogg, G-Dragon, Sean Paul, Justin Bieber, Madonna, Britney Spears, M.I.A., Chris Brown, Gwen Stefani and others.

Diplo Bio
Photo: Diplo Facebook

His Career in a Glance

Diplo first garnered the attention as a DJ when he attended Temple University. He and fellow DJ, Low Budget, played a lot of gigs in the Philadelphia scene in 2003. The success they had in these gigs and parties paved the way for the release of his mix tapes. One of these tapes eventually became part of the 2003 New York Times best albums.
One of his most successful collaborations was with fellow artist M.I.A. They created Paper Planes, and the song eventually got nominated for a Grammy Award in the year 2007. You can say that that was a huge boost to what already was a really successful career.
Of course his success was not purely due to his collaborations with other artists. In fact, his solo career was pretty colorful and bright as well. For instance, he decided to revamp his solo act back in 2004 and he created one of his most successful tracks, Florida.
Today he is still active in the music scene performing and creating records. He currently performs with acts such as Major Lazer, Jack U, Skrillex, and others.


Diplo Bio
Photo: Diplo Facebook

The record shows that Diplo has released a studio album, plus 5 compilations, music videos, a lot of singles, four mix tapes, and 6 extended plays. As stated earlier, he has worked with other popular artists of his time.
His studio album Florida was released on September 21, 2004 both in digital download and in CD format. It was produced under the Big Dada record label.
The following are the extended plays that he launched through the years:

  • Epistomology: released in November 2003 under the Big Dada label.
  • Newsflash: which had a October 8, 2004 release date also under the Big Dada label.
  • Diplo Rhythm: released later in 2004 (September to be exact) also under the Big Dada label.
  • iTunes Session: released a few years later on July 2, 2007 under the Mad Decent label.
  • Express Yourself: this EP was released in June 12, 2012 also under the Made Decent label.
  • Revolution: this EP was released in October of 2013 under the Mad Decent label as well.
Diplo Bio
Photo: Diplo Facebook

Achievements and Awards

He wouldn’t be one of the best DJs in the world without gaining the nod and acknowledgement of his peers and the general audience. Exceptional talent will get noticed eventually, which is why he was able to get several nominations and won awards in the process.
Diplo was nominated several times in the Grammy’s and won two of them. His first ever nomination for a Grammy Award was back in 2009 when he was nominated for the Record of the Year Award for his work Paper Planes, which he shared with M.I.A.
His second Grammy nomination was in 2012 for “Look at Me Now,” which he shared with Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, and Christ Brown, which was for the Best Rap Song category.
His third Grammy nomination was in 2013 for the category of Producer of the Year, Non Classical. In 2016, he was again nominated for the same category.
Diplo won two Grammys in 2016, one of which is for the track Where Are U Now, with Justine Bieber and Skrillex, for the Best Dance Recording category. He also won Best Dance/Electronic Album (with Skrillex and Jack U).

Private Life

Diplo Bio
Photo: Diplo Facebook

Diplo is of English and German descent. He was born on November 10, 1978. His parents were Thomas Pentz and Barbara Jean Cox Pentz. He spent the most part of his early life in Miami. His taste for rap music became the foundation of his own production and music style.
He dated fellow artist, singer, and wrapper M.I.A. who helped him into his baby steps into fortune and fame. They dated from 2003 to 2008 and had two sons Lazer Lee Louis Pentz and Lockett Major Wesley Pentz.
Aside from music, Diplo is also a fan of different sports. He loves the sport of cricket and he is also a major soccer fan. He says that in his travels around the world, he sees both music and soccer as two things that unite the world. They reach out across cultures, uniting people of different countries and different creeds.
He even supports the US Men’s National Team. He purchased shares from both the United Soccer League and the Arizona State SC. He has also wrote a mix specially for the World Cup of 2014.
He is also a huge fan of the Los Angeles Clippers. Back in 2015 he performed during the half time of a Clippers game along with Kai and Skrillex.
In the world of politics he is a democrat. He endorsed then democrat presidential nominee Bernie Sanders. One of Sanders’ political ads was sound tracked by Diplo’s very own produced track Revolution (2013).
All in all Diplo as a person is a man with a big heart. His interests are varied and you can say that he has the essence of a romantic. He enjoys different cultures and feels that he is fortunate enough to travel the world and experience them first hand.
Just like every artist, Diplo tries to find different avenues to express himself. He was branded as a nerd while studying the art of film while he was in Temple University, where incidentally his DJ skills first got noticed.
He also taught in the After School Care Program initiative, teaching literature and math to students who had behavioral issues. Just like anyone who has made it big in this world, he makes donations to charities – he even has his own charity called Heaps Decent, which operates in Australia.

Net Worth

As of July 2016, Diplo is one of the EDM cash kings with his net worth is estimated at 15 to 20 million dollars, with annual earnings of up to 5 million dollars. A much closer estimate provided by various net worth aggregators say his actual net worth may be at 17 million by the end of the year.
His net worth is truly massive and it accumulates each year from the success he was able to build in the previous years. Back in 2012 his estimated net worth more than 7 million dollars. It grew to 10 million dollars the following year.
Back in 2014 his estimated net worth was at 12.5 million dollars. It rose to 15 million dollars the year after (2015). The increments are strong and steady and it looks like this 36 year old millionaire will still provide a lot of good for the world and we’re not just talking about good music here.