Deadmau5 Recreates the ‘Stranger Things’ Theme Song

Deadmau5 Stranger Things Remix

‘Stranger Things’ Remix by Deadmau5

If you haven’t started watching the latest everyone’s Netflix obsession called the Stranger Things, a new American science fiction horror web television series created by the Duffer Brothers, you should update your queues. The shows is amazing and its raving reviews on the internet prove it. As one of the Rotten Tomatoes reviewers described it: “‘Stranger Things’ is up there with some of the best the 80s had to offer, and somehow manages to fit seamlessly both in that era and in our own.”

The show has a great story, great cast, and great score by S U R V I V E.

In fact, the show’s soundtrack is so good that Mr. Joel Zimmerman better known- as Deadmau5 decided to spend nearly 3 hours in his studio recreating the score on his digital equipment and musical instruments from scratch.

Deadmau5 reverse engineered the intro theme by the show’s composers Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon. The result is just amazing.  You can watch the entire two-and-a-half-hour studio session with the main section of his recreation/remix at the 55 minute mark.

Watch live video from deadmau5 on www.twitch.tv


Another YouTube user @pyrofiliac upload another video showing his own recreation of the main Stranger Things theme song. He used the following equipment in his video: Arp Odyssey, Korg Volcas, Electribe, KingKorg.  This video is not as long as the one uploaded by mau5, but it is definitely worth watching. Enjoy!