Dazzling the Dance Floor and Stunning the Crowd with EmazingLights

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Dazzling the Dance Floor and Stunning the Crowd with EmazingLights

Orbit Light Show

A rave party scene is always filled with booming beats of electronic dance music (EDM), smashing moves of partygoers on the dance floor, blinding lights installed at the venue, plus colorful lights from the ravers.

In order to stand out among the raging crowd, ravers resort to donning creative fashion pieces. Some take the minimalist route while others wear outrageous outfits.

In addition, ravers use various lights to accentuate their outfits. The most common go-to apparel for ravers consists of built-in lights. There are light-up shirts, hoodies, joggers, caps, and shoes.

The simple light-up pieces only have one color and are lit all throughout the party. Complex light-up pieces, on the other hand, contain several colors of lights. They also have a lighting mechanism that is dependent on a raver’s movements or on music beats.

Other EDM partygoers take things to another level by using a number of lighting tools while grooving on the dance floor. The most widely used lighting tools are gloves, glow sticks, poi, light wands, hula hoops, and orbits.

These tools are handy and lightweight. Some ravers prefer to hold on to lights like glow sticks while others enjoy putting on a good show with larger props.

A good number of partygoers, meanwhile, value the importance of hand movements in their dancing. They would rather keep their hands free while partying that is why they opt to wear light-up gloves.

High Quality Lights

A raver who is scouting for lighting tools should go beyond considering just the visual properties of the lights. It is important that a lighting tool is attractive and scintillating. It must also reflect the personality of the raver.

But much more important is the quality of the lighting tool. Is it heavy duty enough to withstand long hours of raving on a regular basis? Is it made of high quality materials?

A raver must also look into the company that is selling his preferred lighting tool. The company should have several years of industry experience. It should also have a good reputation in the rave community.

EmazingLights is one of the top suppliers of rave party lighting tools. It is based in Anaheim, California but is able to supply lights throughout the country. It also supplies lights in Canada and other countries.

Aside from selling LED gloves, orbits, glow sticks, poi, light wands, and hula hoops, EmazingLights has other lighting tools. It also sells apparel and accessories with light-up features that are sometimes accompanied by glow-in-the dark properties.

Favorite Among Ravers

The Anaheim, California office has branched out to three locations: EmazingLights Miami in Florida, EmazingLights Denver in Colorado, and EmazingLights Los Angeles in West Covina, California.

Some ravers troop to those stores because they still want to scrutinize the products before purchasing them. These are the types who want to shop traditionally.

A great number of ravers, however, are accustomed to buying online. They appreciate the customer service offered by EmazingLights.com because the agents are responsive and customer oriented.

Those who purchase EmazingLights are given the capacity to check the status of their orders. They may also track their orders without much difficulty.

Moreover, customers are guaranteed a lifetime warranty on orbit parts and glove lights. The process of returning an item is simplified to make things easier for customers.

Those who wish to return an item just have to go to the Returns Manager and reason why there is a need to return the item. They will receive feedback from the company in one to two business days. They have to make sure to return an item not longer than two weeks since its purchase.

If the return request is disapproved, the company will explain in detail why the return cannot be made. If the return request is approved, the company will detail the instructions on how to return or exchange an item.

Ordering Made Easy

Ravers can easily place their orders on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ordering is made easy because it is done through a Live Chat. The chat link can be found on the website.

The communication between a customer and sales agent is quicker when done via live chat. Both parties can even take screenshots of the chat as proofs of the transaction.

What is more, EmazingLights offer free shipping schemes. Those within the country do not have to pay a shipping fee if their order is at least $50. Customers in Canada will get to have their shipping fee waived if their order reaches $100.

Customers outside North America need to order items amounting to $200 if they do not want to pay the shipping fee. Customers may avail of the express delivery option or the expedited process with a more expensive rate.

The company ships items with FedEx, DHL, UPS, and USPS. The shipping schedule is only from Monday to Friday.

Gloving Is Gaining Ground

The widespread reach of EmazingLights can be attributed to the continuous rise of using lighting tools not just in the country but also the world over. But partygoers are not the only ones who use lighting tools.

The proliferation of light shows has increased the demand for lighting tools. A large number of flow artists and light show performers use numerous tools for their showcases.

The most common lighting tool that is used by almost every partygoer and lights performing artist is the LED glove. It usually comes in black or white and has a micro light, electronic chip, LED bulb, batteries, and casing.

A pair of LED gloves gives the wearer a variety of options. The gloves can emit patterns, streaks, or plain colors. It is up to a glover to play with the multiple colors and patterns when dancing or performing.

Gloving came about in Southern California raving parties during the mid-2000s. This raving technique spread like wildfire because videos of it went viral on social media accounts.

There are now numerous gloving groups that attend festivals. The more dedicated glovers even participate in state, national, and international competitions.

Training For Tutting

Gloving may seem simple but it actually requires a lot of hours of practice. Finger rolls and waves must be perfected so that the gloving motions will appear to be seamless.

One of the most renowned gloving moves is tutting which has various nicknames: Wave Tuts, Finger Tuts, and King Tuts. Tutting is an advanced move that involves creating sharp angles using the hands and fingers.

A glover who wants to be a tutting expert must train hard and study loads of combinations. He may choose to do freestyle tutting by coming up with personalized formations.

Learning how do to tutting, however, does not stop with mastering many combinations. A glover should also learn how to choose the right transitions for his routine.

Scores Of Movements

Other gloving moves include creating whips, tunnels, circles, and the figure eight. The hand movements must be precise so that the crowd can detect the figures that are being exhibited.

The more difficult moves include liquid, conjuring, stacking, and morphing. These movements require more grace, flexibility, and coordination.

The liquid dance form requires the hands to move like flowing water. The hand movements should appear like a calm wave that flows continuously.

Conjuring, meanwhile, entails the mastery of using the light controls rapidly. This form creates the illusion that light streaks bounce back, pass through things, and travel around objects.

Stacking one hand over the other quickly makes it appear as if a single hand is just in place. Morphing, meanwhile, uses dials or digits to change the regular shape of lights.

EmazingLights is aware of the hard work that glovers put into when they are learning moves. That is why its website offers various video tutorials which tackle intermediate and advanced gloving lessons.

Gloving As An Art Form

EmazingLights continuously supports the Gloving Movement to promote gloving as a competitive art form. The company sponsors various gloving festivals and competitions.

It has a Glove 4 Glove program that donates glove sets to less fortunate glovers. It also donates a portion of their sales from special glove sets to several foundations. It also has a Promoters Program that gives discounts to those who spread the word about the company and get people to buy from Emazing Lights.

EmazingLights does all these to propagate the gloving culture. The company’s CEO and founder Brian Lim firmly believes that gloving could be elevated from being just a raving move.

For him, gloving is an art form. It is a legitimate dance form that can express one’s emotions and passions. It can also be considered as a sport.

Brian, who is also called Mr. Emazing, even served as a guest in ABC reality television show “Shark Tank.” He treasures that moment because he was able to talk about his business and passion for gloving to millions of viewers.

He utilized his TV appearance by holding an engaging presentation of his products. He is proud to say that his business of selling LED raving tools was able garner some of the biggest deals ever offered on the program.

EDM Lights And Apparel

Brian did not only promote EmazingLights on national TV. He also talked about his other company, iHeartRaves, which specializes on selling raving apparel.

Brian and his wife Christine are at the helm of both companies. They started their selling in 2009 when they were still boyfriend and girlfriend. They would sell LED gloves and festival costumes from the trunk of Brian’s car.

A couple of years later, they officially founded EmazingLights to focus on LED tools and iHeartRaves to specialize in apparel. The married couple is committed to providing items that are heavy duty and of high quality.

The iHeartRaves business has grown to have more than 70 vendors. It also has a network of promoters, distributors, models, and designers.

The company aims to feature the latest rave wear trends in their accessories, women’s apparel, and men’s clothing. Among the iHeartRaves best sellers are shirts, tank tops, crop tops, hoodies, leggings, skirts, shorts, joggers, body suits, and footwear.

Emazing Products

The apparel and accessories sold by EmazingLights are different from those being sold by iHeartRaves. Both companies may have the same owners but they have different identities.

EmazingLights offers light-up shirts, hoodies, joggers, eyeglasses, and shoes. It also sells music festival essentials like lanyards, LED pins, EL wires, carabiners, hats, snapbacks, bandanas, rave masks, fanny packs, backpacks, and blankets.

The bulk of EmazingLights products is comprised of tools that make a glover radiate and dazzle. There are more than a few glove sets that glovers can choose from.

The gloves, which are usually made of cotton material, contain lights that are either ezLite, Zero LED, or Orbite X3. Comfort handles and batteries may be bought separately.

EmazingLights also sells orbits for those who want a spinning effect while raving. Orbits provide light streaks that diffuse in multiple directions. Ravers can opt for a Zero Orbit or Orbite X. They can buy batteries, screws, handles, casings, satin strings, and lights individually.

The light-up poi is another prime product. The indigenous Māori people from New Zealand were the first to use poi in dance by swinging the tethered weights in various patterns.

Aside from LED poi, there are also poi balls, podpoi, capsule poi, and leash poi. The EmazingLights ePoi has reactive motion light bulbs and 24 color patterns. Poi casings and parts are sold separately.

Those who want to use a rave tool that has self-contained light may choose from the EmazingLights glow sticks or flowlights. A glow stick, however, can only be used once.

A levitation wand is a go-to tool for those who want to amaze the crowd with the impression of a light wand that’s floating. The illusion of magic is boosted by the wand’s various colors and flashing patterns.

Using a fiber optic whip, on the other hand, allows a raver to twirl the whip 360 degrees. The effect of the swiveling light modes creates a greater impact because of the raver’s full rotation swings.

Another well-liked item is the LED hula hoop. A raver has to consistently groove and shake his hips while creating trancelike illusions using a hoop or smart hoop.

No matter what ravers choose among the EmazingLights products, they are assured that they are provided with top-of-the-line rave items. These high quality items will surely make them stunning and dazzling while raving or performing.