High Waisted Rave Shorts Collection

Featured image: iheartraves.com

Both ladies and gentlemen love shorts. Ladies love wearing them because they are comfortable and make them feel confident. Gentlemen simply love ladies wearing them. But, there is a huge difference between shorts, high-waisted shorts, and high waisted rave shorts.

Shorts are shorts. They are ordinary, may be in one color or in more colors and we are quite used to seeing them. High waisted rave shorts, on the other hand, are quite different because they show more skin and are perfect for long shirts or crop tops. High waisted rave shorts are actually typical shorts made to look awesome, colorful, and attract attention. In addition, they are comfortable and made so they can handle hard-core dancing for a long time.

We have spent some time searching and creating the ultimate collection of high waisted rave shorts that you ladies will fall in love with. The shorts we found come in a variety of designs and colors. They range from simple high waisted shorts to cheeky high waisted shorts that will allow you to show off your booty and make your tummy look firm. Of course, they come in various colors and some even have mesh sides that will definitely spice up your look. We have so many designs for you to choose from – which one would you prefer, daisies or lightning bolts?

These high waisted rave shorts will fit perfectly with your tops, shoes, and accessories, and, in addition, you can definitely wear these on some other occasions.

Keep scrolling to find the perfect high waisted rave shorts for you!

Rave Booty Shorts

High Waisted Rave Shorts into the am

Into The Am has created the perfect booty shorts that will make any booty look good. Even though they are black, they will definitely grab everybody’s attention. These shorts are designed for maximum comfort and will help you get tons of compliments.

iLoveSIA High Waisted Rave Shorts

High Waisted Rave Shorts iLoveSIA

These ultra-sexy high waisted rave shorts are a blend of spandex and elastane. Metal zipper and button will make sure these stick to your body, and dual back pockets will visually enhance the look of your booty. The shorts come in three colors – black, white, and midnight navy.

Fierce Fringe Shorts

High Waisted Rave Shorts Fierce Fringe Shorts

If you are looking for the shorts that will make the perfect rave outfit or send some boho vibes, here is our suggestion. These shorts feature long fringe that sways with every move and a hidden zip closure in the back. You can pair them up with your favorite crop top or even a bralette.

Tie Dye High Waisted Booty Shorts

High Waisted Rave Shorts Tie Dye Velvet

Don’t want to pick high waisted rave shorts in one color? You don’t have to! Combine all the colors of the rainbow with your favorite top and accessories with these tie dye high waisted shorts. Combine them with a colorful top for an extra fun outfit. Or, pick a bra or a bralette for an extra flirty outfit.

Zipper High Waisted Rave Shorts

High Waisted Rave Shorts Zipper

Looking for shorts that are perfect for a rave and an everyday outfit? Check out these! A blend of polyester (95%) and spandex (5%) will fit you perfectly and stretch when they need to. They are super soft, comfortable, and the shiny finish will separate them from all the other standard black shorts.

Hologram Electro High Waisted Booty Shorts

High Waisted Rave Shorts HOLOGRAM ELECTRO

You and your personality should always shine as bright as possible. But, so should your rave gear. These Hologram Electro Shorts will shine brightly as you rave the night away. They are made out of nylon (80%) and spandex (20%). The shorts come in five colors – black, silver, turquoise, neon green, and neon pink. (Hint: Use promo code ‘PLURBAES’ at checkout to receive a 10% discount)

iHeartRaves High Waisted Mesh Rave Booty Shorts

High Waisted Rave Shorts Mesh

The High Waisted Rave Mesh Shorts are taking sexy to a new level thanks to the transparent side. They will hug your body in all the right places and show off your best assets. They come in black, neon pink, and purple. In addition, these are made out of certain materials that allow you to wear the shorts as swimwear.

Metallic Rave Dance Shorts

High Waisted Rave Shorts Metallic

Nothing screams rave more than metallic high waisted dance shorts. Whether you want to dress up or dress down at your next rave, you can’t go wrong with a pair of these. These shiny bottoms are both sassy and comfy, and will perfectly accentuate any outfit. Choose between black, fuchsia, purple, green, and red shorts or get them all!

Valentine Rainbow Lightning Cut Out High Waisted Shorts


If you think that high waisted rave shorts could not get any sexier, you are so wrong. J. Valentine and iHeartRaves joined their forces and put a sexy spin on high waisted shorts. These shorts will pump up the voltage of any outfit without a doubt. The invisible zipper closure at the back will provide a firm and secure fit. However, these shorts are delicate and should be handled with care. That means you should only hand-wash them, and hang them afterward to dry. (Hint: Use promo code ‘PLURBAES’ at checkout to receive a 10% discount)

Daisy Flower Cut Out High Waisted Shorts

High Waisted Rave Shorts Daisy Flower Cut Out

What you are looking at here is basically the same product, but with a different design. These shorts will boost your flower power to max level, and make everyone turn their heads when you pass by.

High-Waisted Shorts with Triple Strap

High Waisted Rave Shorts with Triple Strap

Similar to the previous shorts, these high waisted rave shorts by Roma come in black and white colors, and feature three straps and square ring detail on each of the straps.

Mermaid Print High Waisted Shorts

High Waisted Rave Shorts Festival Poolside Mermaid Print

If you are in love with the sea, beaches, and your rave is taking place near them, then these mermaid high waisted rave shorts are a must-have. With these shorts, you can transform yourself into a mermaid while uncovering your sexy legs and booty. The shorts come in baby pink, green (sea foam and hunter green), gold, blue, and yellow.