Brenna V.K.


Birth NameBrenna von Kleist
HometownSan Francisco, CA
GenresElectronica, Dance




 After moving to the greater Tokyo area in Japan in 2011 from her small town in northern California, the now San Francisco based music producer/singer Brenna v.K. quickly went from broke, bicycle-fixing college student to exotic foreign mystery girl who lead a true double life in the most crowded city in the world: by day, she was an English teacher for kids, and by night, she was a Japanese-speaking, music-obsessed club rat who was equally determined to hone her music production skills. With two original releases under her belt, the singer made her mark as the girl who “comfortably blends woman and machine,” as she uses her own vocals to accompany her originally produced music – a quality that she feels will distinguish her in an industry still dominated by male producers.