Best Music Production Tutorials on Youtube

best music production tutorials on youtube

Best Music Production Tutorials on Youtube

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An audio production software acts as a compact and digital version of a studio. Just like an actual studio, it is used to modify, record, and produce audio such as instrumental tracks, speech, sound effects, and songs. It allows both amateur and professional artists to create and edit their own audio for their respective mediums.

A typical audio production software comes with features such as recording and trimming audio, audio effects and filters, changing the volume, and adjusting mono or stereo channels. Instruments and sound effects are either already built-in with the software or available as plug-ins, or both.

There are a multitude of audio production software brands you can choose from, but in this article, we’ll only tackle nine of our best picks.

mixcraftMixcraft – Mixcraft is an audio workstation for Windows used mainly for creating songs and mixes. Each installment of Mixcraft features audio, video, MIDI, and instrumental tracks and supports multiple file formats. It also allows for multitrack recording, meaning one can record with a microphone and keyboard all at once.

Notably, each version of Mixcraft is made with the user’s skill level in mind. Mixcraft home studio, for instance, is an entry-level version that is simple and easy to use with a fewer number of features, while the standard version is the default choice that has more features and acts as an upgraded version of home studio. Mixcraft Pro Studio, on the other hand, is more complex and is designed for professionals.

Mixcraft has received multiple awards over the years and has become a popular choice among musicians and artists alike. Currently, the latest version available for purchase is Mixcraft 7.

magix-music-maker-premiumMagix Music Maker – Simply known as Music Maker Premium, this digital music editor for Windows is one of the most user-friendly music editing programs you can get. Though it is used mainly to edit, you can also make music with its virtual instruments. It has a mixer, MIDI editor, and synthesizer as well.

The premium version allows you to record with unlimited tracks, arrange music with ease, and mix audio with its studio effects, VST3 plug-ins and master suite. It has all the features of music maker and music maker live, plus four exclusive soundpools— chillout, score, ambient, and dance. It also has the cinematic soundscapes feature that allows you to create complex aural textures, as well as special instruments including a virtual choir and church organ.

Mixcraft music maker premium is one of the best choices for beginners in audio production, with its simple interface and intuitive controls.

cubase-elementsCubase  – Cubase is a music production software for Windows and OS X intended to be used as a part of a digital audio workstation. Cubase Elements supports 64 MIDI and 48 simultaneous audio tracks and has several virtual instruments. It is used to mix, score, and record audio/MIDI.

What’s neat about this personal music production system is that it comes with chord tracks and pads to easily create and manage your chords, 44 built-in effect processors to modify and amplify your audio, and a decent catalogue of virtual instruments from guitars and pianos to drum machines and synthesizers.

Did you know that the first version of Cubase was released 27 years ago? Now it’s been upgraded and improved on ever since. The latest versions, Cubase Elements, have proven to be of outstanding use for professionals around the world.


studio-oneStudio One – Presonus Studio One is a digital audio workstation used to create, master, and record music. It is available in Windows, Mac, and iPad. It puts emphasis on fast, flow-oriented, drag-and-drop interface that allows you to do more with less time. It also boasts a good sound quality that several artists recommend.

Presonus Studio One’s interface is optimized for quick and intuitive use. It allows you to create unique music with tools such as the Multi Instrument, Extended FX Chains, and Note FX, as well as create a professional finish with Melodyne, which gives you precise pitch and time manipulation, correction, and editing.

Known for its superior audio quality and fast workflow, this software is recommended for both beginners and professionals alike.

reason-essentialsReason Essentials – Developed by Propellerhead Software, Reason Essentials is supported by both OS X and Windows. It is used for creating and editing music, and can even produce music reminiscent of a live performance. It can be used either as a complete audio production software, or as virtual instruments with other sequencing software.

It comes with a variety of recording, editing, effects, instruments, mixing and mastering tools. It also has an audio and MIDI sequencer, a virtual studio rack that allows you to add any devices you need, a built-in sound bank, and more. You also have access to music created by other users, who you can collaborate and share musical ideas with.

The product’s slogan is, fittingly, “The essence of Reason at a fraction of the price.”

reaperReaper – Available in Windows and Mac, Reaper is a complete audio production software that offers multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering tools. It allows for a customized experience as you have the freedom to script, modify, and extend the program to your heart’s content.

Reaper supports most third-party plug-ins for instruments and effects, such as VST, VST3, AU, DX, and JS. It also has a fully customizable appearance, shortcuts for just about every function with the press of a keystroke, and can be extended using programming languages such as Lua, EEL, and Python.

Reaper even has online resources for downloadable content such as plug-ins, themes, and language packs. It is indeed one of the most versatile and feature-packed audio production programs available.

ableton-live-introAbleton LiveAbleton Live is a sequencer and audio production software for PC and Mac, designed for both live performance and music production. It comes with instruments, audio effects, and MIDI effects, with two “views” called the arrangement view and session view.

Ableton Live Intro has nondestructive editing with unlimited undos, a dozen add-ons available for purchase, multitrack recording, time signature changes, and more.

Ableton Live Intro is a relatively simple software recommended for users who want a basic interface with minimal features.

fl-studioFL StudioDeveloped by Image-Line, Fl studio is one of the most popular audio production programs. It is a complete digital audio workstation and has been going on for 18 years. It is supported by Android, IOS, Mac OS X, and Windows. While it can serve as a complete audio workstation, it can also serve as a VST instrument in other audio workstations.

FL studio is known to be used by popular artists such as Avicii and Seven Lions. It has seven different editions each with unique features. It also comes with plug-ins, virtual effects, samplers, and synthesizers.

There are several Youtube channels that specialize in providing music production lessons and tutorials. Here, we picked out the top 5 channels that offer the best music production tutorials on Youtube to help you get started and learn more about audio and music production.

Future Music (FM) MagazineThis well-established channel showcases famous DJs, artists, and producers in the studio, showing the methods behind their music with exclusive behind-the-scene access and studio interviews. They offer one of the best music production tutorials on Youtube, from mixing and bass to beats and mastering.

Computer Music MagazineThis channel includes comprehensive guides to making music in Mac and PC. It has guides for all kinds of music production techniques, reviews of the latest audio production softwares, and answers to technical questions. They also offer downloadables such as dozens of free sample packs and plug-ins.

LoopmastersWhile the main feature of the channel is its large selection of royalty-free sample packs, effects, and plug-ins, it offers tutorials on audio production software such as Cubase, FL studios, and several digital audio workstations. It also offers guides on studio techniques and pro tools.

Point Blank Music SchoolThis award-winning channel offers online courses, tutorials, documentaries, interviews, and artist masterclasses, all dedicated to teaching you the ins and outs of music production. It also has an entire playlist dedicated to audio mastering, plug-ins, and quick tips.

Music Production Tutorials Also known as music pro tutorials, this channel is run by one person alone— an instructor and producer by the name of Danny J. Lewis.  He offers a wide variety of tutorials on multiple kinds of audio production software, such as Bitwig, Maschine, Logic Pro, and Reason.

If you’re looking for the best music production tutorials on Youtube, look no further than these five Youtube channels. With quality video tutorials, insights from professional producers and artists, and quick tricks and tips, we guarantee the best learning experience with these Youtube channels.