Who is Mr. Borgore?

borgore bio
Photo: Cybele Malinowski

Borgore is a DJ/dubstep producer who is known as Asaf Borger in real life. He was born in Tel Aviv on October 20, 1987 .

Before hooking with Tomba and putting up Alphamale Primates dubstep duo, he displayed a passion for heavy metal music and was the drummer for Shabira, an Israeli deathcore band.

What is Borgore’s Style

borgore-spring-awakening-festWhen it comes to music style and brand, Borgore becomes a bit controversial. For one thing, we can say that he is indeed best known for having a variety of music styles.

His music, depending on the track he has released, can fall into different categories such as dubstep, drum and bass, hip hop, heavy metal, and electronica. He describes his own music style as “gorestep” which can be interpreted to be a mix between dubstep and heavy metal (or perhaps death metal to be more specific). One thing is for certain, it wouldn’t be hard to miss the hints of sexuality in the sounds that he produces.

It is no secret that he used to be a drummer, which may explain why some of his musical productions have a drum and bass feel to it. In fact, it won’t be hard to notice that distinct triple drum beat pattern in his productions. It is definitely reminiscent of his heavy metal influences.

There goes that influence from his Shabira and deathcore days. You can say that his style is definitely unique. It is definitely a fusion of different styles and musical genres, which can make it quite catchy (that is how he has built a fan base).

Critics describe his brand and, perhaps, his style as something distinctly immature. And they are being quite forgiving when they say that. Nicole Moudaber even called him an embarrassment once.

Of course the lines have been clearly drawn between those that love Borgore and those who hate him. Which side of the battleground you take is all up to you. It’s all a matter of subjective opinion in the end.

Borgore’s Career

borgore-spring-awakeningAnyone will be hard pressed to guess what Borgore’s musical influences were or how his career began. Who would have guessed that he attended Thelma Yellin, one of the most prestigious music academies in Tel Aviv.

You would think he started learning guitar, rock guitar, or even metal perhaps. But no; he was training in jazz albeit formally while in Thelma Yellin. On top of that wasn’t holding a guitar – well, he wouldn’t be the first jazz guitarist to ever shift to metal music – he was actually considered a prodigy with the saxophone.

His musical career was put on a short stand still when he joined the army and served as a fitness specialist. After that minor turn with the Israeli army, he returned to a much more grass roots form of music. However, he shifted from saxophone to drums and found his way in the music scenes of Shabira, a group he co-founded.

Everything was going well, but then you can say that his musical direction took another huge turn when he found his way into a club in Tel Aviv where he heard UK dubstep for the very first time.

Bogore confessed that that experience was simply life changing. He even described dubstep as a musical style that blended hip hop, trance, and drum and bass into a lovely cacophony of sights and sounds.

Not long after, he was making his own dubstep tracks. But just like every artist out there, he needed a different selling point. So he took dubstep and made it his own – of course it included those shocking videos that would make human rights groups take notice.

His brand and style immediately took off – you can even say it skyrocketed. It may be because he gingerly played with controversy, which is why his music and the “gore” behind Borgore became viral from the start.

Of course other artists began to take notice – including acts of international fame. One of which was no other than Miley Cyrus. Some, especially those closest to him (at times jokingly), even say that the huge shift in gears that occurred in Miley Cyrus was all Borgore’s influence.

From there his career moved forward and upward with a lot of folks loving him one side of the argument and hating him on the other.

Music Releases

borgoreBorgore has released one studio album so far in his career – the controversial #NEWGOREORDER album (July 2014) under Dim Mark Records and Buygore. If he will release another one soon is yet to be seen. He has produced about a dozen extended plays, with more to come. He has also produced at least 4 mix tapes.

Borgore also released about 16 singles from 2010 to the present. Expect more singles to come from him as his career moves forward. He of course has made a lot of mix tapes. His earliest remix, Sentimental, was a collaboration with Israeli singer and song writer Onili. One of his current remixes is a Rihanna song, Needed Me More, out of his Bogore Remix (2016).

He has collaborated with a lot of different acts. He has also been associated with other musical groups and musical artists. He worked alongside Cedric Gervais, Diplo, Waka Flocka Flame, Miley Cyrus, and others.

His Musical Achievements

Borgore had a lot of chart topping successes since his hay day. His Incredible EP along with other titles reached number one on Beatport. He has been featured on the world stage on more than one occasion, including the Ultra Music Festival and the Las Vegas Electric Daisy Carnival.

With his musical achievements behind him, some claim that he ruined dubstep. However, when you see the crowd that follows his tantric sounds, you may even say he saved dubstep.

Private Life

borgore-100sAt times, it is hard to see whether his seemingly misogynistic style is reality or just a façade. Those who hate him and his style will highlight the debauchery of women, sex, and drugs that seem to be the spices of his musical production style. Some even claim that 90% of what comes out of him is definitely sexist in nature.

However, it will shock you when you see the other side of the man. It will be as if you have met the Dr. Jeckyll for the first time, the one that was overshadowed by Mr. Hyde.

Instead of a drunk, drug induced, whore cuddling bum that the critics would have you think of him, you’ll find a young man who is absolutely sober. At one interview he confesses that he cared for only one person’s opinion – his mother’s.

He even went on to relate that for Borgore, family comes first above everything else. In an instant the womanizer has been peeled away and a sober and responsible family man has been revealed.

Net worth

Borgore’s net worth when his career went on an upswing was estimated at 2 million dollars. Today in 2016 his actual net worth has grown significantly. However, the experts do not quite agree with regards to a specific figure.