Absolut Deadmau5 Headset

Absolut Deadmau5 Headset

Multi-platinum recording artist Deadmau5 and Absolute Labs (an idea incubator and think tank for cutting-edge ideas) are about to release a virtual reality and extremely interactive game called “Absolute deadmau5”.

Mr. Joel Zimmerman worked closely with the with Absolute Labs to create a virtual environment that replicates his own world. In addition to watching real footage of his live performances and listening to, you will get a chance to watch Mr. Mau5 working in his studio, help him drive his car, take photos with fans, and participate in variety of fun minigames.

To play the game, you will need to get one of the new virtual reality cardboard headsets design by Deadmau5. This headset is essentially a certified Google Cardboard viewer compatible with a variety of smartphone which means that you will be able to watch other VR content using the same cardboard. However, the application is specifically design for for the latest edition of the Absolute deadmau5 VR viewer, so you may not be able to enjoy the game without the original Absolute Labs headset. Luckily, these headsets are reasonably priced at $9.95 (discounted from $17.95). We also wanted to point out that the shipping and delivery took slightly over 1 day, so if you order your headset on or before July 25th you should be expect to receive by the day when the application becomes available on iPhone and Android devices.

Apparently it is a limited edition Absolut deadmau5 virtual reality cardboard headset, so hurry up to get one for you while supplies last. However, Absolute cautions that to be able to purchase this headset, you have to be of Legal Drinking Age in your country which may be a legal requirement to comply with alcohol advertisement laws.

Check out the video below for the sneak peek of the headset design and application gameplay.