Things We Don’t Understand About DJs

Source: SF Rave Area

edm djs

We understand techno and house DJs. They get up there, play their music, and go home. Sure, they enjoy the party as much as anyone, but the vast majority seem like average people who are great at what they do and love music.

But EDM DJs are a very different beast. All the flash and hype, square jaws and jumping around. Sometimes we’re just left scratching our heads and asking, “Why?” Especially when it comes to these six things.

1. Almost all of them are suspiciously good looking.

He used to be such a normal looking guy until EDM got to him.

2. They always seem to play on four decks.

Seriously, you’re not fooling anyone with all that gear up there. Do you know how we know you’re not really using it? Because you…

3. Spend more time outside of booth than in it. 

Don’t you have work to do?

4. This pose.

Stop it. You’re not flying a plane.

5. Jumping on the mic and telling everyone to “make some fucking noise!”


6. Never ending lasers, pyro, smoke and stage effects.

Why is it seemingly impossible to play without lasers, pyro and ice cannons blasting every 20 seconds?