5 EDM Releases That Everyone Can Relax To

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EDM Releses for the Contemplative and Introspective

The first things that come to mind when EDM is mentioned are dance music, EDC, drugs, stimulation, adrenaline. Make no mistake, these are the norms for the genre which are found in warehouse parties, raves, music festivals, etc.

Nevertheless, one of the many wonderful qualities about the EDM culture is, in general, its inclusiveness. Festival goers of EDC, or similar events, recount memories of making new friends in these festivals, which often stands in contrast with the cold daily humdrums of life: work, commute, sleep, repeat. Let’s also not forget that EDM has embraced the credo, PLUR (an acronym for Peace, Love,Unity, Respect), which created (or at least attempted with positive intentions) an environment of social well-being and warmth. Rave goers enter the dim room, overpowered with blaring yet colorful lights. Within these chambers, they exchange beaded bracelets which communicate the credence of PLUR, gesturing the acceptance of their presence and acknowledging the common bond under a blanket of vibrant luminescence and electrifying music.

Given the inclusive nature of the EDM culture, there can be no doubt that introverts are welcomed with open arms. Conventionally, introverts prefer not to be in claustrophobic surrounding for long periods of time, which raves and festivals are often known for. It’s not that they are antisocial by definition. It is merely a preference and personal predilection. introvert should be welcomed, regardless!

EDM music can be energetic, but there are songs that are possible to watch in a calm setting. Think of EDM songs that are perfect for a relaxing Sunday morning. Instead of popping open Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning track. Why not try the following songs to kick start a relaxing afternoon? Whether it’s during your day off or a weekend afternoon, these songs are perfect for those calm and collected moments.

1 – Deadmau5 – Strobe Remix Pack

The best example which I can think of for deadmau5’s Strobe Remix Pack is a pack of Caprisun. There are different flavors. There’s the Strawberry-Kiwi, Wild Cherry, Tropical Fruit, and, at times, just plain Berry. Nevertheless, whatever is pulled out from the pack is Caprisun, just a different flavor.

With that said, deadmau5’s Strobe Remix Pack is just a pack of Strobe remixes, basically. Whichever track you pull will be a different remix of the nostalgia inducing song, Strobe. It’s just arranged in a different way.

Feed Mehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A21ThhE9SZE

Com Cruise  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OATmdjUSRDw


Lane 8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVqJLpxljDU


There’s the lengthy Feed Me remix which flows fluidly from low to high currents of electric distortions. There’s the Com Truise remix which adopts a Daft Punk style remix, utilizing synth piano and percussive beats to give Strobe a rib pounding sound. There’s the Strobe Dimension remix with high pace and adrenaline pumping beats which will send your feet in a hopping frenzy. Then, there’s the Lane 8 Remix, which retains most of the same arrangement and beat patterns than the others, but feels refreshing. Lastly, the ATTLAS Remix is a great finishing track to the Strobe Remix Pack, as the arrangement has a sense of finality or a cinematic denouement.

Many will wonder, why? Is it really necessary to remix a 5 year old EDM song? After all, EDM songs, along with many pop songs, have a quality of ephemerality. We consume them quickly and move on, like a $1 cheeseburger.

However, for many people, Strobe is an introduction to the EDM world. deadmau5 was one of the pioneers who ushered the EDM culture from the subculture realms and into the mainstream surface, namely, into the radios of many college roadtrips.

Strobe, along with many past EDM songs, conjures nostalgia for many young folks who have graduated from college in recent years. The song can be associated with many memories. Some of them being sober, some of them not so much.

Therefore, it is great to bring Strobe back, but in different forms. Newer and older EDM aficionados and listeners can appreciate this classic track once again, without having to put the original track on tiresome repeat. It can be consumed over and over again, but with novelty from one remixed track to another.


2 – Janelle Kroll – Outsider LP

Janelle Kroll is releasing an EP which consists of 5 tracks, two of which should be familiar to Kroll fans. The album can be found in the most recent publication in Billboard:

The EP begins with FVR and 24 hrs are strong catchy openers. As the album progresses, Kroll’s tracks become more slow and sentimental, as shown in “Outsider” and “Balcony Song.” The album progressively becomes smoother in tone with last track, “Loose,” which closes the album with a soulful tone.

Categorically, Outsider is not an entirely dance album. Aside from “FVR” and “24 hrs”, the album is sweet and tender and meant to be appreciated during calm periods. Play this on a car ride on your way to see a family or friend. Play this during a lazy weekend afternoon. Play this if you want to wind down after a stressful day at work, while at the same, not wanting to fall asleep from a more slower paced song.

There is so much to appreciate Janelle Kroll’s Outsider and it’s worth listening when it comes out on September 30th.


Cavalier – Seeing Sounds

Cavalier is still a mysterious music artist in the EDM world. Much like Flying Lotus and Daedelus during their humble beginnings, Cavalier appears to be free-spirited and strives to produce tracks that are not found in any other corners of the music industry.

This is apparent in his latest track, “Seeing Sounds.” There are reverberations of synth percussions which intermingle with more classical windpipes, producing a stellar experimental track that only listeners with a refined ear for EDM can enjoy.

It is true that this is not the kind of track that will have your heart racing. “Seeing Sounds” seems more like the kind of song you’ll hear in a divey bar in DTLA, such as Four Star, surrounded by hipsters and artists who can be compared to as the shoegazing versions of EDM listeners. The kinds who either grew up listening to or discovered Nujabes and yearn for beats that parallels to his stylistic art.

Cavalier’s “Seeing Sounds” achieves in creating these ethereal atmospheres that many calm listeners would appreciate.

Flume ft. Tove Lo – Say It

Flume and Tove Lo’s track, Say It, was released on April 22, 2016. This alone would disqualify the track as a latest release.

However, the music video was just released today. With that said, it’s about time that we renew our interest in the track as though we are hearing the song for the first time, because the music video is quite fascinating.

In the video, a female astronaut falls from a beautiful clear blue sky and lands onto the surface of a skyscraper’s reflective window panels. In what appears to be zero gravity, she dances and plays round with the current physic of her setting, similar to what people do once we enter a bouncy house during a birthday party. Then, all of a sudden, an alien figure enters. (Is it male? Is it non-male? Does it really matter?) The two appear to be pretty resistant to each other, but as every music video that involves a female and male-ish figure, they fall romantically in love and start to dance in unison. At least, that’s the interpretation that I’m getting from the video. See the video for yourself:

Although Say It is not considered a new release, the music video is pretty entertaining and, hence, the track is worth revisiting.

Captain Murphy – Crowned

The track is a far cry from his earlier track, “Between Friends”, which has a sweeter and more intimate nature. Captain Murphy’s release oozes with dark and haunting beats which emanates a chaotic and discordant tone. Even his other earlier works through the Adult Swims Singles Program, “Between Villains” and “Cosplay,” did not carry a heavy tone which “Crowned” emanates. For the most part, Captain Murphy’s earliest tracks had been otherworldly and fantastical, as though his electronic beats take you to another dimension which would even overwhelm Lewis Carroll’s imagination. “Crowned” has the same effect, but much darker.

The track starts off with the sound of fire crackling, as though the track is taking place during the aftermath of a calamity. Then, enters the bassoon melody, seductive yet ominous, which acts as a motif throughout the track and creates an almost dangerous vibe.

Soon afterwards, Captain Murphy spits his lyrics, fueled with anger and frustration. The lyrics alone are great in themselves and can be perceived as a spoken word if listened without the melodies.

Throughout the track, his lyrics and beats are mixed in with sounds often associated as jarring elements. We hear gunshots, traffic, and disgruntled civilians. Definitely the songs constantly reminds the listener that it was produced and inspired by the chaotic and often discordant concrete jungle. The inner city is the muse of Captain Murphy’s latest track.

It is easy to interpret the arrangement of “Crowned” as sinister. Nevertheless, to interpret “Crowned” as sinister would not do justice to the rich tapestry woven in the track. Rather, “Crowned” appears to recite the melodies of harsh realities. Reality is the suggested theme of Captain Murphy’s latest work. Reality is full of harsh truths. Reality will, at times, chew you up and spit you out. Reality is a house on fire. Reality is dark, yet a beautiful work of art, which closely resembles Captain Murphy’s track.

EDM is not only for the fast paced listeners who are eager to spike their adrenaline levels to great heights. Just a sample of the latest releases show that the market caters to various personalities, some of which would rather listen their tracks in comfortable settings. Whether identified as an introvert, extrovert, or somewhere in between, there’s a slice of the EDM music for everyone.