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Closing Out 2016 With Whimsical Synth Pop

Closing out a year none of us will ever forget, 2ToneDisco releases “U&ME,” a romanticized Synth Pop single that leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling.  An upbeat track that matches the tempo to a beating heart, the sweet melodies bring us together to remember that love is still in the air. Featuring the lyric of BB Teeth, an undiscovered singer whose bright vocals complement 2Tone’s signature internet sound. 2ToneDisco released “U&ME” today on Friday December 2nd with the label On Planes (Too $hort, Beats Antique, Chris Porter), and published by Maxwell & Carter (Britney Spears, Lady Gaga). The single is available to stream and purchase on most music platforms. Enjoy!

2tonedisco-press-photo“Even though clubs are littered with people, they can be some of the most lonely environments. With “U&Me” we tried to capture the emotion of connecting with a special someone from across a crowded room.”

2ToneDisco is an internet inspired dance act. Being both influenced heavily at an early age from digital music and games they shine with a bright and positive sound. This sound has landed them on some established independent labels respected within dance music culture. Along with many experiences ranging from holding a residency at the number 1 dance night in Phoenix, to some of the biggest festivals in the United States, 2ToneDisco have developed their sound into something truly unique. Featuring live keys, sampling, and more, they are more than a DJ act.

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