20 Best Gifts for Music Lovers

20 Best Gifts for Music Lovers

We all know at least one person for whom music is life. You might be that person yourself. Shopping for music lovers can be a lot of fun, especially when you have access to a variety of cool and unique items. This list of gifts includes headphones, speakers, DJ equipment, and bizarre oddities that will appeal to all music enthusiasts you know! Since you ended up on this page, you are probably looking for cool gift for music lovers you know. To make sure we meet your expectations, we curated a list of 20 gifts for music lovers to share with you.

Keep scrolling down below to see all 20 gift ideas to help you get the perfect gift for the perfect music geek.

Myo Armbands

Best Gifts for Music Lovers: MYO Armbands

Myo Armbands is a wearable device produced by Thalmic Labs that turns your hand into a controller for different devices. Myo can be used for controlling a PowerPoint presentation and replacing a computer mouse. MYO has its own Market app store with dozens of applications that you can use on a daily basis. For example, Myo will work with Netflix, PowerPoint, Drones, Ping Pong game, etc. Read our article to learn how Armin Van Buuren uses MYO Armbands to control stage lights and LED screens.

MYO is available at Amazon.com.

TMA-2 Modular

Gifts for Music Lovers: tma-2 modular headphones

With 360 unique configurations of cables, headbands, speakers, and earpads, you will have the freedom to build a perfect pair of headphones that will suit your needs whether you are a DJ, sound engineer, or an entry-level audiophile. You may also consider buying one of four “starter” presets that include the DJ, Studio, Young Guru, and “all-rounder” varieties. The beauty of these headphones is that you don’t have to be stuck with one particular sound profile forever. You can mix and match the components to build as many setups as you need.

Lunar Armbands

Best Gifts for Music Lovers: Lunar Armbands

LED lights used in Lunar Armbands ran through clear fiber optic type cables would light up just like a glow stick, last longer and aren’t filled with a toxic material. Bands’ battery life is pretty remarkable. If you use it for 30 minutes a day, the included batteries will last for over 6 months and can be easily replaced (CR2016 3Volt). The bands are made from lightweight nylon and soft velcro to ensure an attractive and non abrasive appearance as well as high degree of durability.

These bands are just $10 each.


Gifts for Music Lovers: Basslet Subwoofer

… it’s a cool concept for music enthusiasts or gamers looking to add a little oomph to their experiences.TechCrunch

The Basslet is a wearable subwoofer for your body. Using a whole new technology for sound, it delivers the beats and basslines of your music directly to you – so you can literally feel the music. The result is a powerful sound experience that headphones alone cannot provide.

The Basslet is still in the concept stage with the expected first release date in December 2016. You can pre-order your Basslet now if you pledge €139 or more.

Pioneer RM-07 Active Studio Monitor

Gifts for Music Lovers: Pioneer RM-07 Active Studio Monitor

These RM series monitors with high definition coaxial driver units are the perfect solution for music producers. RM-7’s are packed with pro-audio technology to deliver a high SPL and a neutral sound with clear separation across the frequencies – making them the ideal companion for near-field studio monitoring of high-resolution sounds. On top, this monitor is equipped with custom-designed class AB bi-amps to ensure balance across the frequencies and an exclusive toroidal transformer power source that guarantees excellent S/N ratio and no distortion. Last but not least, a clip indicator on the front of the speaker protects the unit from excessive input.

Available at Amazon.com.


Master & Dynamic MH40 Over Ear Headphone – Brown

Gifts for Music Lovers: MH40 Over Ear Headphone

MH40 is no like any other headphones in its price category.  With premium leather on headband, exterior surface and earcup insets, steel components in all high strain areas, neodymium high-performance drivers, aluminium body, and woven cables, there is simply no room for plastic. These headphones provide a rich, warm sound and they are build for decades of use.

Available on Amazon.com.

Audeze EL-8

Gifts for Music Lovers: EL-8 headphones

The EL-8’s special beauty was their holistic way with space and inner details. It sounded stronger, faster, punchier and more transparent than through my big floorstanders.Stereophile

EL-8 is an excellent choice for audiphiles who are looking for professional-grade sound open-back headphones. These headphones were designed by DesignWorks USA – the team behind BMW’s i8 model. By partnering up with one of the best design teams in the world, Audeze made sure that their headphones don’t just sound good, but also have a sophisticated and durable design. The final product is the award-winning EL-8 open-back headphones that offer affordability, durability, stellar design, usability and hiqh-quality sound.

Available on Amazon.com.


Gifts for Music Lovers: G-DRIVE ev ATC

G-DRIVE ev ATC with Thunderbolt is a lightweight and portable 1TB hard drive that is rugged enough to handle drops from up to 6.6 feet (2 meters) and water-tight. This storage device is made for working in wet, rough, and dirty environments. G-DRIVE ev ATC is an excellent choice for in the field back-up, transferring, editing and storage. You can either leverage the speed of Thunderbolt or the ease of use of USB. In sum, this is one of the fastest non-solid-state-based portable drives on the market right now, both via Thunderbolt and USB 3.0.

Available on Amazon.com.

AKG Q 701 Quincy Jones Headphones

Gifts for Music Lovers: AKG Q 701 Quincy Jones Signature Reference-Class Premium Headphones

The AKG Q701 premium class headphones is the product of partnership AKG and one of the most respected musicians of the 20th century: Quincy Jones. Over the course of his career, Quincy has received an 79 GRAMMY nominations and 27 GRAMMY awards which is more than any other artist. It shouldn’t be surprising that Quincy wouldn’t agree to put his name on the headphone lineup if he didn’t personally belive in the product. Quincy himself said the following about these headphones: “This is the best quality sound I’ve heard in headphones, ever. And I’m proud my name is on them.”

Available on Amazon.com.

Flare Audio – R2S-SS

Gifts for Music Lovers: Flare Audio - R2S-SS

R2PRO is designed by a British audio technology company who believes that everyone should enjoy undistributed  and pure sound. The new Flare Audio R2 give the listener extremely low distortion, pressure-balanced sound without ear fatigue. The Reference R2 earphones create an ‘in the room’ experience, and takes the company’s innovation in distortion-free sound to the micro level. The R2’s innovative design offers purity of sound in a small, lightweight package, while its enclosures are precision-built so that the pressures on both sides of the driver are perfectly balanced. The sound is channeled to minimize internal reflections as it travels into the ear. The R2 is incredibly compact and has a high degree of sound isolation unmatched by other earphones in its class due to its solid metal construction.

Available on Amazon.com.

Tibo Urban 500

Gifts for Music Lovers: Tibo Urban 500

The Tibo Urban 500 is a multi-format media controller with loudspeaker for the DJ who desires multi-functionality and portability. DJ’s can play tracks from USB drives or from a laptop as a software controller for Virtual DJ or another application. The Urban 500 has a many specifications: LCD display with blue backlight, MP3 playback and USB, Midi mode with all midi functions compatible with Win 8/XP/MAC. 2 channel mixer offers a 3-band EQ gain control allows for seamless mixing while balanced XLR output Mic input and auxiliary inputs for phono or line device, loop and re-loop function 3 hot cues, loop adjust, sound effect, bpm, sync, loop in/out, reloop, master tempo/pitch.

Available on Amazon.com.

Numark Lightwave DJ Speaker

Gifts for Music Lovers: Numark Lightwave DJ Speaker

The Lightwave is a new speaker by Numark that has 2 LED strips running on both sides of the front of the cabinet. This speaker can be used in a cozy home environment, as well as being the perfect weight and size to take to a pool party or use in a small venue. In addition to its innovative LED lights, Lightwaves are packed with a great selection of drivers — mid-drivers, subwoofers,  and tweeters — so they produce a very clear sound and deliver an output that is loud enough to rock the discotheque.

Available on Amazon.com.



Gifts for Music Lovers: SubPac

SubPac M2 is used by the best music producers, DJs, bass players, athletes and celebrities who love to feel music. The wearable SubPac M2 Tactile Bass System projects low frequencies into your body, providing total sonic immersion. By enhancing the low frequencies of any audio source, SubPac brings you closer to the things you love, even while out and about. Subpac’s technology combines the proprietary tactile transducers and vibrotactile membranes to enable experiential sound for music, gaming, and virtual reality entertainment. Powerful and accurate physical audio in a wearable form factor that is quiet to the outside world. SubPac M2 is the evolution of mobile, wearable Tactile Sound. Once you feel it, you won’t want to live without it.

Available on Amazon.com.

Hercules DJ Control Instinct

Gifts for Music Lovers: Hercules DJ 4780730 Control Instinct

One of the the industry leaders producing mobile DJ controllers for PC/Mac Hercules is proud to present the Hercules DJControl Instinct. The DJControl Instinct is a great choice for experienced DJs with an adopted instinct for mixing, and for everyone dreaming of learning to mix the tracks and host their own great parties. The DJControl Instinct is compact, lightweight, and instinctive. It has been design with all users in mind, and it comes equipped with all items needed to start having fun right away by hosting wild EDM parties. The unique orange and red lighting used for the controls allows users to easily identify where all of the different elements are. This controller is also quite powerful: its jog wheels scratch without any latency, as well as scroll within tracks, and control the Pitch. Also, DJControl Instinct is the only DJ controller in its price category to include built-in audio outputs: two RCA outputs, plus one 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack output which makes it easy for DJs to play their mix on a hi-fi system, on amplified PA system speakers or or on multimedia speakers.

Available on Amazon.com.

Samsung Radiant360 R1 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Speaker

Gifts for Music Lovers: Samsung Radiant360 R1 Speaker

Most conventional speakers transmit sound from just one side of the device and need to be re-orientated to improve sound projection depending on where the audience is located. At the same time, the Samsung R1 transmits 360° omnidirectional sound, making any spot within the room ideal for listening to music or watching your favorite action movie. The speaker has a premium upright design that will add refinement to any room by providing the perfect combination of functionality and design. You can use the Multiroom App on your mobile device to control one or multiple speakers connected to to your Wi-Fi network.

Available on Amazon.com

Grado Prestige Series SR225e Headphones

Gifts for Music Lovers: Grado Prestige Series SR225e Headphones

Grado SR225e headphone lets you enjoy your favorite music the way it was meant to be heard with rich full bodied vocals, warm colors, an smooth top end, and excellent dynamics. These headphones are capable of moving you out of the back of the audience right inside the music. SR225e are not the cheapest headphones on the market, but it provides the best value in Grado’s lineup. The SR225e is a great headphone and a safe purchase a hi-fi audio enthusiast can make. Reasonable price of $200 makes a great gift for your family member or friend.

Available on Amazon.com

Crosley CR1101A-CH Jukebox

Gifts for Music Lovers: Crosley CR1702-CH iJuke Premier Jukebox

The Crosley CR1101A-CH is a high-quality reproduction of the 1947 jukebox that helps you travel backin time to that fond memory of sitting in a diner slurping a vanila milkshake, eating cheeseburgers and fries, and rocking all day long with your best buddies. Unlike the original version of this music machine, this replica includes modern features such as the tuning dial, volume control, and color shifting LED lights, CD player, AM/FM radio and portable audio input for connecting phones and tablets.  With the handcrafted wood and veneer cabinet,  this device provides great sound and beautiful design at a fraction of the price of other jukebox facsimiles.

Available on Amazon.com

Bluetooth Ottoman Speaker

Gifts for Music Lovers

At first glance, Soundlogic’s device appears to be only a sophisticated leather ottoman, offering users the chance to kick up their feet and relax. Once synced wirelessly with nearby devices via Bluetooth, however, its speaker system comes alive, playing music in rich, room-filling stereo sound. Additionally, the speaker’s full ottoman design doubles as a bass cabinet, helping it pump out booming audio.

Available on Amazon.com.

Mixtape Doormat

Gifts for Music Lovers

Welcome guests to your home using this personalized mixtape door mat. This retro mat features your family name on the mix’s title line, along with classic cassette detail set in colorfast dye. This doormat is a great wedding or housewarming idea. Imagine will it make it if you write the newly weds last name on this mat especially if both of them are big fans of music. This gift will definitely be appreciated for its uniqueness and thoughtfulness.

Available on Amazon.com..

Pokket Mixer PM11BLU002 Mobile Mini DJ Mixer

Gifts for Music Lovers

The PokketMixer is the a mobile mini DJ mixer for everybody that fits in every pocket and easy to use. The PokketMixer functions perfectly without batteries, power supplies or power cords. The list of supported audio sources includes but not limited to Anything that has a headphone jack can be connected: smartphone, PC, laptop, MP3-player, tablet, car stereo, etc.

You will just need to plug in two players, the connect you mixer to the stereo equipment, and you are ready for the party!

Available on Amazon.com.