10 Surprising EDM Facts You Never Knew

Source: bassfeedsthesoul.com

Are you a real EDM fan? Well, we suppose you will answer ‘yes’. But, what does it mean to be a ‘real’ fan? You may be familiar with popular DJs and their tracks. The real question is how familiar are you with the DJs themselves and their past? Or, how much do you really know about the industry?

In case you are interested in expanding your knowledge of your favorite genre and the ever-expanding industry, check out these 10 surprising EDM facts.

1.      EDM Has Been Around Since 1970s

Do you know what exactly EDM means? Almost every person on Earth knows that it stands for electronic dance music. But the term itself is actually a term for a variety of electronic music genres which are produced for environments that center on dance. The very first dance tracks were produced back in the 1970s. They appeared after recorded disco music made a shift away from traditional orchestration towards electronic and synthetic sounds. However, the popularity of the genre waned in the ‘80s, only to make a comeback in the ‘90s. EDM has gained exponential popularity in recent years as countless sub-genres began to be created. If you were surprised by this fact, wait until you see other EDM facts we have prepared for you.

2.      Electronic Dance Music Can Make You Happy & Prevent Dementia

It may seem like something you already knew – music can make you happy. But, this is not just a statement anymore. Now, it is a scientifically proved fact. While listening to the music you love (EDM in our case), your brain releases a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical that makes you feel happy. In addition EDM can also feel good; all the vibrations you feel on the dance floor will definitely instill happiness and sense of well-being.

In addition, certain studies have found that dancing frequently reduces your chances of getting dementia. Einstein College of Medicine found that dancing had the greatest risk reduction of any activity studied. Also, a study by the New England Journal found that freestyle dancing reduces the risk of dementia by 76%. Apparently, adapting your moves to the music you hear keeps your body and brain on point. Who knew that dancing and listening to music had so many benefits?

3.      Avicii’s Name Is A Buddhist Term for “Hell”

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Once, Avicii was asked how he chose his name. It all started when he wanted to sign up on MySpace. His legal name, Tim Bergling was taken already. He had six other options in his mind, but they were all taken. Then, he remembered hearing the term ‘avici’. Avici in Buddhism means “the lowest level of the Naraka or ‘hell’ realm, into which the dead who have committed grave misdeeds may be reborn.” Lucky for him, Avici was taken, so he decided to add another “i” to his name. And that is how one of the most popular DJs ever chose his stage name.

4.      Kaskade Was A Missionary In Japan

Did you know that Kaskade is Mormon, can speak Japanese, and that he spent two years as a missionary in Japan? Ryan Raddon is nowadays a notorious American DJ and record producer. At the age of 19 and after his freshman year at Brigham-Young University in Utah, Ryan aka Kaskade decided to spend two years in Japan. He chose to work at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Japan as a full-time missionary. That is how he learned to speak Japanese, and can still speak it at a conversational level. He also worked briefly as a Japanese tour guide. After this, he transferred to the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, where he jump-started his musical career.

5.      Laidback Luke Is A Kung-Fu Master

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Yup, you’ve read this right. Laidback Luke is a practitioner of Choy Li Fut, and has plenty of medals. Three years ago, this DJ represented Team Kung-Fu Holland at the world Championship in China. The team won 24 gold medals and five silver medals. Luke himself brought four gold medals and a silver medal home. This confirms that his music is kickass, and he can also kick your ass. Do you know some other interesting EDM facts about popular DJs?

6.      Steve Angello And Sebastian Ingrosso Are Childhood Friends

DJs may be friends with each other, but few of them have a friendships as good as Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso do. In one interview, Angello said: “Me and Seb met when we were six or seven; we got into all kinds of trouble together!”

So far, they have worked together on many projects including Fireflies, The Sinners, Mode Hookers, Buy Now, General Moders, and Outfunk.

7.      Hardwell Had His First Tour At The Age Of 14

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Many teens have different ways of spending their time. Some do their homework and perhaps do sports, play video games, or even paint. But, one teenager named Robert van de Corp spent his free time differently. This Dutch DJ started his career at an incredibly young age. He went on his first tour throughout the Netherlands at the age of 14.

8.      ‘Get Lucky’ was the #1 song on iTunes in 14 countries

In 2013, Random Access Memories by Daft Punk was the most anticipated album of the year. The song from the album, ‘Get Lucky’, was one of the most loved internationally songs in the history of music. The electronic duo was even popular in the 1990s during the house movement in France. No wonders why this album from the men who are respected as the fathers of electronic music was so widely anticipated.

9.      Skrillex Is EDM Artist With Most Grammys

Skrillex is the EDM artist with the most Grammys. He won three Grammy Awards in 2012 – Best Dance Recording for “Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites,” Best Dance/Electronica Album for Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites, and Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical for his remix of Benny Benassi’s “Cinema.” In 2013, he won the same awards; first two were for “Bangarang” and the third one was for his remix of Nero’s “Promises.” Recently, Jack U got a pair of Grammys for the colab with Justin Bieber “Where Are U Now.”

10.  The Richest DJ in The World

Actually, this one is a tie. Until recently, Tijs Michel Verwes, better known as Tiesto, was considered to be the wealthiest DJ. However, Calvin Harris recently caught up with him and now these two are almost tied. The net worth of each of them is over $100 million. However, their age difference is pretty large. Tiesto is 47 years old, whereas Calvin Harris is 32. How many interesting EDM facts from this list you haven’t heard of?